3 Tips to Control Lawn Grubs

So many things can damage a lawn: drought, flooding, traffic and pests. White grubs are a common lawn pest that are known for destroying turf beneath the soil. One of the major problems with grubs is that you can't see them, so the damage may be misdiagnosed as another cause.

WinField United Professional has you covered with tips on how to check for grubs, how to prevent a massive infestation, and which products control white grubs in your turfgrass.

3 Tips to Control Lawn Grubs

Make sure grubs are the problem.

Before you do anything, you have to make sure the problem is a grub infestation. Do you notice dead patches? Do areas of the turf look as though they haven't received any water? The problem could be grubs.

If you suspect grubs, grab the nearest shovel to dig a small sample in the dry, dead area. You only need to dig about 2 inches into the soil, creating a disc-shaped area that you can easily peel up and lay back down once you've inspected for grubs.

Look for small, white grubs. You'll know them when you see them, as they're less than an inch in length and curl up into a "C" shape when disturbed. If you see more than a few in the area, chances are they can be found in abundance throughout the turf.

Keep up with routine lawn maintenance.

Some signs of grub problems could be raccoons or birds digging up the fairway or home lawn. Dead patches are the most common. However, the patches can feel spongy as you step on them before they dry up and die because of grubs beneath the soil.

Two ways to prevent a grub infestation is to maintain a healthy lawn. Irrigate it regularly to prevent dry conditions, and feed the turf with the proper fertilizers to keep the roots strong. Also make sure to keep the turf cut to the appropriate height, such as 3 to 4 inches. An unmaintained lawn will suffer from grubs more quickly than a healthy lawn that's taken care of each week.

Apply the right grub control products.

It's much easier to control grubs in the spring than it is to get rid of them in the summer and early fall. Applying preventive grub control products can help to stop an infestation before it happens.

When applying grub control products, it's best to water the area immediately afterward to get the active ingredients down into the soil. Here are just a few products to use if grubs have taken hold in the turf:

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