3 Must-Have Products for Turf and Ornamental Professionals

Odor maskers, tank cleaners, antifoam agents…there are so many products out there on the market for professionals to choose from, but which ones deliver the best results?

Today, we'll take a look at a few different products that could help landscape pros, ornamental growers, golf course superintendents and other professionals improve their efficiency and get more out of their daily tasks.

PreFlight Odor Masker

PreFlight is a unique product in that it provides a few different functionalities. While it can be used as a defoamer for very small tanks, it's main purpose is to mask pesticide odors. Some pesticides have an unpleasant odor that causes discomfort not only to you but also to people in the vicinity. PreFlight masks these odors with a pleasant wintergreen scent, reducing the smell and making the application process much easier on everyone.

PostFlight Tank Cleaner

PostFlight is an important product to have in your arsenal. It's not meant to aid in any application, but it's vital to have for pre- and post-applications. Why? It's because PostFlight is a tank cleaner and removes all the residue from earlier products in the tank. When used as directed, it cleans the inside of your spray tank and can even deactivate some pesticide residues.

It also cleans away iron, dyes and pigments, and other stains on the outside of the sprayers. Using PostFlight is helpful for keeping your equipment clean and well maintained and also clearing out residues that could cause problems later on when using your sprayer.

Foam Force Antifoam Agent

One of the most challenging things for any pro to overcome is preventing their tanks from foaming over and losing product. This is where Foam Force comes into play. It was previously known as Fast Break but has since been renamed for the functionality it provides. It's a silicone emulsion defoaming agent for use in most spray solutions. Adding Foam Force to your arsenal benefits your applications in many ways, from reducing overall mixing and filling times to preventing product loss when the tanks foam over.

When tanks foam over, it may cause unintended vegetation kills or contamination in the application area. Using Foam Force prevents this from happening and helps to keep the product in the tank where it belongs, saving you money on products in the long run.

Do More with Products from WinProOnline

It's all about saving time and costs. With the right products, you can do just that. Defoamers help you save product, and odor-masking agents improve your workflow and comfort while doing your job. No matter if you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, WinProOnline makes your job easier when you have our specialized products in your tank.

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