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Fruit flies and gnats aren't just a nuisance; they also contaminate food and surfaces. They infest sink drains, trash bins and other moist or food-handling areas. It only takes a few weeks for a few gnats and fruit flies to become a full-blown infestation. With Vector 960 Fruit Fly Traps, it's easy to monitor the infestation while also capturing and killing the flies in the target area.

How Vector 960 Works

Vector 960 traps work well for luring, capturing and killing fruit flies, gnats and other small, invasive flies. It contains a food-grade attractant that emits vapors from the trap, attracting the flies to the bait. Once inside, they can't escape and then die as a result. The traps have 10 holes to provide ventilation and to allow the vapors to lure the flies. The traps also have a removable lid to monitor and identify the flies inside.

Where to Use Vector Fruit Fly Traps

Use the Vector 960 fly traps in places to monitor the source of fly infestations. They're ideal for use in home kitchens, restaurant kitchens and other food-handling areas. Place the traps around kitchen sinks, trash bins and other areas where food or moisture is abundant. The traps can also be used in exterior areas where food is made or served, such as an outdoor kitchen or a backyard patio. Do not leave the traps in areas where kids and pets could tip or disturb them.

Target Pests

The Vector 960 is made to target fruit flies in homes and businesses. Though it can trap any small insect, it's not intended to target ants or other pests. It's safe to use around food-handling areas as long as there's no chance to tip out the liquid or to knock the trap out of position. After 30 days, replace the Vector 960 Fruit Fly Trap with a new one.

Reasons to Use Vector 960 Traps

Fly infestations are nothing to take lightly as they'll only get bigger and more widespread over time. They disturb people in restaurants and make it hard to cook and eat in their own kitchens at home. These traps make it easy to find the source of the infestation and to count the number of flies. It not only provides an efficient way to lure the pests but also to capture and kill them. Some of the main benefits of these traps include:

  • Contains a food-grade attractant
  • Has holes for proper venting
  • Lures, captures and kills fruit flies and gnats
  • Has a removable lead for easy counting and monitoring
  • Comes ready to use out of the box

Kill Nuisance Fruit Flies With Vector 960

There are many different fruit fly species, all of which cause problems for homes and food establishments. With the Vector 960 Fruit Fly Trap, it's easy to get rid of fruit flies without resorting to chemical sprays and using other insecticides. The aromatic liquid lures the flies to the trap and captures them, making sure they can't escape. The removable lid makes it easy to count the flies and to monitor the infestation in the area.

Manufacturer Whitmire Micro-Gen
Active Ingredient Acetic Acid, Other Ingredients
Composition Proprietary
Container Size Each
Case Amount 4(12x1)
Weight of Container Size .25 lbs
Application Amount See label for details.
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SDS View

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