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An effective pesticide is one that delivers quick results with minimal labor. ULD BP-100 is the ideal insecticide to use when it's necessary to knock down the pest population quickly. It contains two active ingredients for improved results and significantly reduces the number of pests that return after application. It can be used in various fogging equipment and treats a wide variety of pests.

How ULD BP-100 Works

ULD BP-100 contains pyrethrins as the main ingredient. It attacks the insect's nervous system and causes paralysis and death within minutes of contact. To enhance the effect, this fogging concentrate also contains piperonyl butoxide. It's a synergist that doesn't do anything by itself, but when it's combined with pyrethrins turns it into a powerhouse and kills the pests more quickly and effectively.

Where to Use ULD BP-100

Use ULD BP-100 with ULV fogging equipment to treat numerous pest insects inside homes, businesses and other buildings. It can also be used in thermal, propane and heat foggers, as well as spraying systems. It's an oil-based insecticide and labeled for use indoors and outdoors, including food-handling areas to kill pantry pests and other invasive insects. Use it indoors or outdoors as a contact, direct or space spray to knock out infestations. Some places for use include homes, restaurants, offices, hotels, schools and grocery stores.

Target Pests

ULD BP-100 is a highly effective insecticide that kills most any insect in its path. When used in fogging equipment, it can eliminate entire roach infestations overnight. It significantly reduces fly populations, as well as spiders and ants in the target area. Use it to kill moths, gnats, earwigs and crickets, as well as pantry pests like rice weevils. It's also effective against stored product pests like cigarette beetles and cheese mites. German cockroaches are resistant to many different insecticides, but ULD BP-100 knocks them out at the moment of contact.

ULD BP-100 Features and Benefits

ULD BP-100 contains 1 percent pyrethrins and knocks down insects right after treatment. The piperonyl butoxide enhances the effect and ensures successful elimination of pests in the treated area. It's a broad-spectrum insecticide, killing everything from gnats to cockroaches. It provides flexible application options and can be used in sensitive areas like food-handling establishments. Some major features and benefits include:

  • For use in most ULV fogging equipment
  • Can also be applied in spraying equipment
  • Targets spiders, roaches, flies and other pests
  • Labeled for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be applied diluted or undiluted

Use ULD BP-100 Indoors and Outdoors

Pest infestations don't stand a chance against the power of ULD BP-100 insecticide. Because it's oil-based, it can be used with most types of fogging equipment. It can also be applied with standard spraying equipment and used for contact, space and area treatments indoors and outdoors. It contains just enough of the active ingredient to wipe out invasive and resistant insects like German cockroaches. Whether it's to get control of the fly population indoors or to prevent infestations around the perimeter, ULD BP-100 does the job like no other.

Manufacturer MGK®
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Fogging Liquid
Active Ingredient Pyrethrins*, a botanical insecticide, Piperonyl butoxide, technical**, Other Ingredients
Composition 3.0%, 5.0%, 94.0%
Container Size 1 gallon
Case Amount 4x1 gallon
Application Amount See label for details.



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