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Mosquitoes cause problems for people everywhere, ruining outdoor activities and spreading diseases as they feed on blood. They require water for breeding and show up in massive numbers from spring to early fall. Summit BTI Mosquito Briquets are the answer to unwanted mosquito infestations. They're easy to use and control mosquito populations throughout their most active time of year.

How BTI Mosquito Briquets Work

BTI Mosquito Briquets contain the solids, spores and toxins of the bacillus thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis strain BMP 144. It's a natural mosquito controlling agent that is slowly released into the water once the briquets are used. The briquets float on the surface and release the active ingredient into the water depth. As it settles, the mosquito larvae consume the agent and die.

Where to Use Mosquito Briquets

Place the briquets in water sources anywhere on the property to prevent mosquito larvae from maturing into breeding, biting adults. One mosquito briquet treats up to 100 square feet of water. Place them in birdbaths and roof gutters where mosquitoes are known to lay their eggs. The briquets can be placed in flower pots, water troughs, rain barrels and unused swimming pools, including on the tarps where rain water may collect. Use them in old tires and drainage areas. They can even be used in basements that are known to flood. Regardless of the depth, the briquets will continue to work long after application.

Target Pests

BTI briquets are made to kill and control mosquitoes and biting flies such as midges. It's not an effective treatment for the kill and control of adults, so keep this in mind when placing the briquets in the water. They're mainly used to prevent future infestations by killing the larvae in the target area. It only takes about 48 hours for complete control of the young mosquitoes, and total control can be achieved in less than a month as long as they're used regularly and as directed.

Features of Summit BTI Mosquito Briquets

Summit BTI Mosquito Briquets are the ideal control agent for killing mosquitoes before they become a threat to people and animals. The active ingredient is continuously being released into the water for 30 days or more, providing residual control in a 100-square-foot area. Some other benefits and features include:

  • Kills and controls immature mosquitoes and other biting flies
  • Can be used in fish habitats and containerized standing water
  • For use in birdbaths, watering troughs, gutters and more
  • Controls mosquito populations for at least 30 days
  • Used for natural mosquito kill and control

Control Mosquito Populations with Summit

Summit BTI Mosquito Briquets can be used alone or in conjunction with adulticides to provide complete mosquito control. The briquets float on the surface of the water, releasing the active ingredient for 30 days. The mosquito larvae feed on the ingredient and die, preventing a future infestation of biting, disease-carrying adult mosquitoes. Whether they're used in a rain barrel in the backyard or a birdbath outside a commercial building, these briquets bring the mosquito population under control in no time.

Manufacturer AMVAC
Primary Pest Mosquito
Utility  Briquets
Active Ingredient Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis solids, spores and insecticidal toxins
Composition 10.31%,89.69%
Container Size 20 per carton
Case Amount 5 x 20 cartons
Application Amount See label for details.



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