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Spectre PS is a pressurized insecticide in an easy-to-use aerosol canister. It's a nonrepellent, so the insects will never detect its presence on the surfaces. The active chemical doesn't kill on contact. Instead, it takes a while to starve the insect and to kill it by means of cellular death. It can be applied indoors and outdoors as a spray or a crack-and-crevice treatment.

How Spectre PS Aerosol Works

Spectre PS aerosol insecticide contains the active ingredient chlorfenapyr. Because it's a nonrepellent insecticide, insects won't avoid it as they approach the application area. The chemical ingredient starts to work once it enters the insect, disrupting the cellular processes that turn food into energy. Before long, the insects die of starvation and cellular death. Spectre PS can be used with insect growth regulators for improved pest control.

Where to Use Spectre PS

Use Spectre PS indoors and outdoors wherever pest infestations are present. It can be used in homes and businesses, as well as other residential areas like apartments and retirement homes. Use it in food-handling establishments like bakeries and restaurants. It can be applied in food storage areas and food-processing plants, as well as outdoors around the structure to target the insects in cracks and crevices, including wall voids and other out-of-the-way areas. Spectre PS isn't a knockdown insecticide but controls infestations within weeks of application.

Target Pests

Apply Spectre PS insecticide to control fly infestations, ant colonies and stored product pests like grain weevils and drugstore beetles. It's effective at killing cockroaches and earwigs, pillbugs and spiders, and crickets and wasps. It combats the most common crawling insects like silverfish and centipedes, as well as flying insects like drain flies and yellow jackets. Use Spectre PS to kill stink bugs and to control populations of Asian lady beetles both indoors and outdoors.

Spectre PS Features and Benefits

It's not always easy or affordable to use liquid insecticides for residential use. An insecticide that comes in an aerosol canister is more convenient to apply by any homeowner or professional. Spectre PS is easy to use and contains the right ingredient to control a variety of crawling and flying pests indoors and outdoors. Some of the main reasons to use Spectre PS insecticide for pest control include:

  • Kills resistant pests like ants, roaches and spiders
  • Controls stored product pests like chocolate moths and flour beetles
  • Can be applied inside and outside homes, businesses and industrial areas
  • Comes in an easy-to-use aerosol canister
  • Labeled for use in schools and other sensitive areas

Stop Pest Invaders with Spectre PS Aerosol

Some insects have developed a resistance to certain insecticides and will avoid them if they detect them in the area. Spectre PS is a nonrepellent insecticide, so the insects will never see what's coming. Once they crawl over the surface, the active ingredient clings to their bodies and goes to work, inhibiting cellular processes. The insects die within a few days of contacting the insecticide. Whether it's for cockroach control or to get rid of ants, Spectre PS aerosol insecticide does the job.

    Manufacturer Control Solutions
    Active Ingredient Chlorfenapyr, Other Ingredients
    Composition .50%, 99.50%
    Container Size 15 oz can
    Case Amount 12x15oz cans
    Weight of Container Size 2 lbs
    Application Amount See label for details.
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