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Specticle G herbicide comes in a convenient granular formulation and has the same active ingredient as Specticle FLO. It's a pre-emergent herbicide with an active ingredient that's effective at keeping weeds from germinating and growing. It not only works quickly to kill weeds underground but also provides residual control thanks to its specialized granular formulation.

How Specticle G Herbicide Works

Specticle G pre-emergent herbicide contains indaziflam in a 0.02 percent formulation. Though it's less than Specticle FLO, it provides just the right amount of the active ingredient to break through the soil and kill the underlying weeds. As it penetrates the soil, the active ingredient reaches the seedlings and inhibits cellulose biosynthesis (CB). It's important to apply Specticle G before weed germination. For greater weed control, use the granules with a postemergent herbicide to kill actively growing weeds.

Where to Use Specticle G

Specticle G pre-emergent herbicide can be applied to warm- and cool-season turf to prevent weed growth. Refer to the label for restrictions on cool-season turf. It can be used to prevent weeds on golf course roughs and fairways and is labeled for use in bermudagrass and zoysiagrass, as well as St. Augustine and bahiagrass. Use it to keep weeds from ruining residential and commercial lawns. It can also be applied to parks and other recreational areas, as well as noncrop sites like cemeteries.

Target Weeds

Specticle G herbicide controls more than 90 broadleaf weeds and grasses in a variety of sites. Use it to prevent bittercress and carpetweed from emerging and taking over the landscape. Apply it in and around ornamentals to stop dandelions and foxtail. It effectively controls spurge, horseweed and oxalis, as well as grassy weeds like cheatgrass, crabgrass and goosegrass. It should not be applied to weeds within 25 feet of habitats containing aquatic plants and grasses.

Benefits of Specticle G

Specticle G granular herbicide contains an effective ingredient that kills over 90 broadleaf and grassy weeds. It can be used on home lawns, parks and commercial turf, as well as golf course roughs and fairways. Specticle G is easy to apply with a spreader and will need to be watered into the soil for the best results. Waiting to apply the granules before it rains will also work. Some benefits and features of Specticle G include:

  • Can be used on home lawns, golf courses and noncrop sites
  • Prevents hard-to-control weeds like goosegrass and crabgrass
  • Contains a highly active ingredient that provides residual weed control

Specticle G Controls Over 90 Nuisance Weeds

Specticle G granular pre-emergent herbicide kills and controls difficult grassy and broadleaf weeds. It's best applied before germination to keep the weeds from developing and breaking through the soil. The active ingredient is a CB inhibitor and prevents cellulose biosynthesis. The granules are perfect for preventing weeds, but Specticle can be used with postemergent herbicides to kill established weeds. Whether it's dandelions and foxtail or crabgrass and ragweed, Specticle G pre-emergent herbicide stops the weeds before they become a problem.





Active Ingredient

Indaziflam 0.0224%

Container Size

50 lbs

Application Amount

See label for details.





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Mark Orsino
Spectacle G

Very good price on a hard to find herbicide,fast shipping excellent service

Thank you for the review! Glad you were able to find the herbicide you need.

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