Solstice 2 Transitional Ryegrass


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Solstice II Transitional Ryegrass is the latest result from a breeding program to develop a cost effective warm season overseeding grass that is attractive and durable AND transitions reliably.

Solstice II Transitional Ryegrass originated from a cross between improved perennial and annual ryegrasses. It retains the color, density, and performance characteristics of perennials but with markedly less persistence as temperatures rise and Bermudagrass exits winter dormancy.

Solstice II is moderately dark green, attractive in appearance, and more compact in growth profile. It is vigorous, quickly establishing a uniform playing surface. It can be mowed at fairway levels.

Either used alone or in combination with improved perennial ryegrasses, Solstice II is suitable for golf and Sport applications as well as residential; wherever a reliable transition back to Bermudagrass as well as a value orientation is demanded.

In overseeding trials conducted at the University of North Carolina and the University of Arizona including improved perennial, annual, and hybrid ryegrasses, poa trivialis, and blends and mixtures, Solstice II scored at the top for ease of transition back to Bermudagrass. Solstice II readily establishes on loosened soil or after verticutting. Seed between 5-10 lbs./1000 sq ft. (200-450 lbs./Ac.) depending on use and desired density.

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