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Herbicides should work quickly and show visual results in days, not weeks. Solitare is a fast-acting herbicide that delivers visible injury to the weeds in less than three days. It controls a wide range of weeds, including crabgrass and sedges, yet it doesn't require an additional surfactant to deliver optimal results. It contains two active ingredients and kills the weeds all the way to the roots.

How Solitare Herbicide Works

Solitare is a postemergent herbicide and contains two active ingredients: quinclorac and sulfentrazone. The first ingredient is a common herbicide used for controlling crabgrass. It works by disrupting protein synthesis, killing the weeds quickly. The second ingredient is known for sedge control. It works by interfering with the cell membranes of the weeds, resulting in their quick death.

Where to Use Solitare Herbicide

Solitare can be used in a variety of turf to kill resistant weeds. Use it in residential and recreational lawns and landscapes, such as athletic fields and other sports turf. It can be used on commercial sod farms and lawns, as well as golf course fairways and roughs. Apply it in Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, Bermuda, centipedegrass and other labeled cool- and warm-season turf sites to knock out weeds. See the label for even more target sites and application rates to achieve the best results.

Target Weeds

With its two active ingredients, Solitare postemergent herbicide kills and controls a wide variety of weed species, including sedges. Use it to control and suppress bittercress and black medic, clover and crabgrass, and dandelion and foxtail. It works effectively against ground ivy, henbit and knotweed, as well as pigweed and speedwell. Apply it to the target sites to kill and control green kyllinga, spurge and both yellow and purple nutsedge before they spread. Other target weeds include wild garlic and onion, purslane and deergrass.

Solitare Herbicide Features and Benefits

Solitare contains two active ingredients to achieve better results and comes in a water-dispersible granule. The formulation helps the herbicide penetrate the weeds more quickly, causing visible stress faster than the competition. It controls over 60 different weed species and doesn't require the use of a second herbicide thanks to its dual mode of action. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Absorbs into the foliage and kills the weeds from the shoots to the roots
  • Provides much faster penetration than the competition
  • Delivers visible signs of damage within a few days of application
  • Easy to apply to the target site
  • Kills green kyllinga, purple nutsedge and other hard-to-control weeds

Stop Sedges and Crabgrass with Solitare Herbicide

Whether it's to treat weeds on residential lawns or golf courses, nothing delivers faster results than Solitare postemergent herbicide. It's an effective weed killer thanks to having two active ingredients in an easy-to-apply water-dispersible granular formulation. It mixes easily with water in the spray equipment and delivers exceptional results within a day or two of application. For maximum results, irrigate the area within seven days of using Solitare herbicide on the target site.

Solitare herbicide.






Active Ingredient

Sulfentrazone 18.75%

Quinclorac 56.25%

Container Size

1lb, .75 gal, 2.5 gal

Application Amount

See label for details.





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