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Not everyone is quick to use herbicides that may harm beneficial insects in the turf, such as honeybees. With QuickSilver T&O selective herbicide, it's safe to knock down weeds in the yard without harming nontarget species. It's a postemergent herbicide that can be used on cool- and warm-season grasses and contains an active ingredient that doesn't impact birds, worms or honeybees.

How QuickSilver T&O Works

QuickSilver T&O, which stands for turf and ornamental, is a selective postemergent herbicide that controls more than 50 broadleaf weeds. It contains 21 percent carfentrazone-ethyl and is applied as a foliar spray to the target weeds. It works by acting on the cells within the weeds, preventing them from further development. The weeds die by cell death within weeks of application.

Where to Use QuickSilver Herbicide

Use QuickSilver postemergent herbicide to kill unwanted weeds on residential lawns and commercial turfgrass. It's labeled for use on both cool- and warm-season grasses and kills the weeds without harming the turf and other nontarget animals and plants. It can be used on golf courses to keep them visually pleasing, as well as the grounds around schools, colleges and other institutions. Use QuickSilver to knock down weeds around libraries, office buildings, museums and other landscaped areas. It can be applied to tall fescue, St. Augustine, Kentucky bluegrass and other labeled turf.

Target Weeds

QuickSilver T&O kills and controls more than 50 broadleaf weeds such as carpetweed, black medic and common purslane. It affects the weeds at the cellular level and knocks down speedwell, henbit and kochia, as well as pigweed, wild mustard and field violet. Use QuickSilver to kill and control annual sowthistle and little mallow, london rocket and annual morning glory, as well as other labeled weeds such as knotweed, deadnettle and beggarweed. It applies to the target weeds using standard spray equipment and is absorbed by the leaves within hours of application.

Advantages of QuickSilver T&O

Commercial and residential lawns always look their best when the grass is allowed to grow without weed interference. Weeds compete for nutrients and water and eventually kill off the native grasses. QuickSilver T&O has an active ingredient to kill the weeds at the cellular level. It can be combined with pre-emergent herbicides for even better weed control on the target sites. Some benefits and features include:

  • Comes in an easy-to-measure 8-ounce bottle
  • Perfect as a tank-mix with pre-emergent herbicides
  • Can be used on a variety of cool- and warm-season grasses
  • Contains an ingredient that doesn't pose a risk to honeybees
  • Kills and controls carpetweed, black medic and other common weeds

Kill Weeds Faster with QuickSilver T&O

QuickSilver T&O postemergent herbicide does what other herbicides fail to do: deliver excellent weed control without harming nontarget species. It contains an active ingredient like no other herbicide, controlling more than 50 different broadleaf weeds without killing honeybees or affecting birds searching for insects in the soil. Whether henbit and pigweed are taking over the backyard or another type of weed threatens a golf course, treat the weeds without worry using QuickSilver selective herbicide.





Active Ingredient

Carfentrazone-ethyl 21.3%

Container Size

8 oz

Application Amount

See label for details.





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