Pro- Pest Bed Bug Monitors -4/PK


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Pro-Pest Bed Bug Monitors have a special attractant made from aggregation semio-chemicals that mimic the scent of human skin… a scent bed bugs simply can’t resist,  quickly detecting the presence of bed bugs.


To use, simply remove monitors from the protective plastic packaging and place anywhere monitoring of bed bugs is needed.  Suggested placements: between the mattress & box spring at each corner of the bed and along baseboards next to the bed.  Monitors will provide up to 6 months of continuous monitoring once removed from protective plastic packaging.  There are 4 monitors per plastic package for convenience and better inventory control as many installations are between box spring & mattress at corner of the bed.  At the end of the day, there are less un-packaged monitors left to store for future installations….better inventory control and better product protection.

Manufacturer JF Oakes
Active Ingredient Crystal Polystyrene
Container Size 4 per pack
Application Amount See label for details.
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