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Wouldn't it be nice to have a lush, green lawn but not have to mow all the time? Podium makes it happen. It's a turf growth management product made to improve the quality of the turf while also reducing the frequency of mowing. It contains a plant growth regulator to halt the growing process without harming the overall look or health of the turf.

How Podium PGR Works

Podium contains 11.3 percent trinexapac-ethyl, a plant growth regulator used to inhibit certain processes within the turf to regulate growth. In short, it reduces vertical growth when applied to the turf. Not only that, but proper use results in increased turf density, a boost in turf color, and an overall increased quality of the turf. Once applied, it's taken in by the foliage without the need to water it in.

Where to Use Podium

Apply Podium to most turfgrass areas, even those that are hard to mow such as flower beds and fencerows. It can be applied to curbs, driveways and parking lots to keep the grass from overgrowing through the cracks or around the edges. It's perfect for creating high-quality, denser grass on both residential and commercial properties, as well as for recreational and sports fields. Use it to improve the color and density of golf course turf, sod farms and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Slows vertical growth, leading to reduced mowings
  • Increases the turf's color, density and quality
  • Improves stress recovery and survival
  • Maintains healthy turf throughout the growing season

Podium Increases Turfgrass Quality

When used as directed, Podium turf growth regulator not only slows vertical growth but also produces greener, thicker and more stress-resistant turfgrass. It works quickly, doesn't need to be watered after application, and is rainfast in as little as an hour.






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See label for details.






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