PFT Station 12 per Case


Size: Each
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  • A perfect option for high-volume liquid ant baiting. 
  • Durable, tamper-resistant construction
  • Unique design minimizes evaporation
  • Easy to service
  • Baiting cup can be removed
  • Works with both liquid or granular baits
  • Can be used as a pitfall trap

How to Use
Assembly: Assemble the PFT as shown in the diagram, for either ant baiting or for trapping/monitoring. Installing/Removing the Cover: The top rim of the Base has four slots for the four ‘foot’ portions of the Cover. Insert two adjacent feet into the wider part of two adjacent slots and then snap the other two feet into their slots by pressing the legs lightly inward while pushing the Cover down. Rotate the Cover counterclockwise in the slots to lock in place. To remove the Cover, rotate it clockwise to unlock and then press in on two adjacent legs and lift to remove the feet. The other two feet will then simply lift out.

Installation: Make a hole using an auger (2” is sufficient, widening the hole at the top) or an adequately sized bulb planter and trowel. The hole should be about 3 1/2” at the top and can taper to about 2” at the bottom and should be about 6” deep. Push the Station down into the hole so that the outer rim of the Base is at ground level. Make sure the hole is sufficiently deep so that the Cup is not pushed up in the Base - this will make it hard to get the Cover on properly. For extra security, drive two Spikes (included) into two of the square holes in the rim of the Base. Use holes opposite from one another and drive the Spikes so that they angle outward from the Station.

Baiting: Pour the bait in through the hole in the Retainer Ring (liquid, granular, or gel). (For some baits, it may be easier to remove the Retainer Ring and put the bait directly in the Cup.) The Feeding Sponge will wick up liquid baits. Putting a couple of trails of bait on top of the Retainer Ring, from the hole out to the edge of the Station and/or scattering some granular bait on the ground around the Station will help ants find the bait more quickly. The bait can be refilled though the hole in the Retainer Ring. If desired, the Cup can be removed and cleaned by just removing the Retainer Ring - no need to pull the whole Station out of the ground. Place the PFT Station in areas where ants forage, such as near mounds, in landscaped beds and around the perimeter of structures. Spacing and frequency will depend on the nature and severity of the infestation. The PFT Station will minimize the evaporation of liquid baits and will substantially extend the life of granular baits over scattering on the ground, by keeping granules dry and minimizing air exposure.

Manufacturer Rockwell Labs Ltd
Primary Pest Ants
Utility  Bait Stations
Unit of Measure Case



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