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Pulling weeds is a time-consuming chore. With Pennant Magnum herbicide, there's no need to pull weeds again. It's a pre-emergent herbicide that controls the weeds before they emerge from the soil. When it's applied before the weeds germinate, Pennant keeps established lawns and other turf free and clear of broadleaf weeds.

How Pennant Magnum Herbicide Works

Pennant Magnum contains s-metolachlor as the active ingredient. It has a unique mode of action and disrupts the weeds natural growth process. The weeds are unable to produce the enzymes needed to function and grow and will die before they can emerge. As a pre-emergent herbicide, it mixes easily in the tank with other herbicides for more complete weed control.

Where to Use Pennant Magnum

Pennant Magnum can be used on noncrop sites to control weeds that compete with native grasses. Use it on established turfgrass and landscape ornamentals, as well as in noncrop areas like roadsides and cemeteries. Apply it to areas where weeds could invade Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. It can help keep weeds off sports fields and public recreational areas, including ornamental gardens. The active ingredient starts to work soon after application, killing all the weeds before they emerge.

Target Weeds

With Pennant Magnum pre-emergent herbicide, you can control and suppress a variety of weeds and sedges. It prevents the emergence of annual bluegrass, crabgrass, foxtail and goosegrass. Apply it to turfgrass and ornamentals to prevent carpetweed, barnyardgrass and black nightshade. It stops the growth of yellow nutsedge, minimizing the need for another specialty sedge herbicide. It can be applied on labeled warm-seasons grasses to keep them weed-free throughout the year.

Reasons to Use Pennant Magnum Herbicide

Pennant Magnum is an essential part of a lawn care program. Because it's a pre-emergent herbicide, it prevents weed growth and eliminates the need to apply postemergent herbicides or to pull invasive weeds that overtake the lawn. It can be combined with a postemergent herbicide to knock out established weeds in the target area. It can be used on many established warm-season grasses and applied in residential and commercial areas. Other benefits of Pennant Magnum include:

  • Controls a variety of broadleaf weeds and sedges
  • For use on commercial turfgrass, ornamental gardens and noncrop sites
  • Contains a hefty dose of the active ingredient for improved weed control
  • Can be used on Bermuda, zoysia and commercial St. Augustine sod production

Pennant Magnum Herbicide Controls Tough Weeds

Pennant Magnum pre-emergent herbicide is easy to use and apply on the target sites. It's available in a liquid formulation and can be tank mixed with other herbicides for more control. The active ingredient is highly effective on labeled weeds and sensitive on certain warm-season grasses. It can be used in ornamental gardens, sports fields and recreational areas to prevent weed growth. Whether it's yellow nutsedge or crabgrass, Pennant Magnum herbicide prevents the weeds from ruining the lawn.


Manufacturer Syngenta
Active Ingredient S-Metolachlor, Other Ingredients
Composition 83.7% 16.3%
Container Size 1 gallon
Application Amount See label for details.
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