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Ornamec Over-The-Top herbicide is formulated to kill weeds in ornamentals, nurseries and landscaping. The active ingredient is the same that can be found in Ornamec 170 and tackles invasive weeds, killing them quickly thanks to its fast absorption into the weeds.

How Ornamec Over-The-Top Works

Ornamec Over-The-Top weed killer contains fluazifop-P-butyl as the active ingredient. It's used for post-emergent weed control and works by inhibiting lipid synthesis, halting the weed's growth. It's absorbed quickly and translocated throughout the weed, killing it in a matter of days or weeks depending on the species.

Where to Use Ornamec Over-The-Top

Use Ornamec grassy weed herbicide to kill weeds such as crabgrass, goosegrass and barnyardgrass in and around ornamentals. It can also be used on any landscape bed to control post-emergent weeds like wild oats and foxtails. Not only can it kill weeds around ornamentals, but it can also be applied around trees and shrubs, as well as other areas like fencerows. See the label for a complete list of target sites.

Features and Benefits

Ornamec herbicide is hard on weeds but easy on ornamentals. Even though it kills weeds while reducing the risk of injury to ornamentals, care should be taken to avoid unnecessary drift and runoff in the spray area. Use Ornamec to kill post-emergent weeds and to keep plant beds free of invasive weeds through every season. Other benefits include:

  • Kills smooth and large crabgrass
  • Can be used around shrubs, trees, groundcovers and more
  • Has a fast and effective mode of action

Maintain Ornamental Beds with Ornamec OTT Herbicide

Control annual and perennial weeds like witchgrass and sandburs with Ornamec Over-The-Top herbicide. It's made to kill post-emergent weeds quickly while minimizing injury to ornamentals, trees and more. It works extremely fast thanks to fluazifop-P-butyl and keeps ornamental beds, container yards, tree lines and other areas free of weeds throughout the year.

Not registered in Wyoming or Alaska.



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