Motomco Mole Trap


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Made from heavy duty, glass filled nylon, the durable construction won't rust and can be used again and again.  Motomco Mole Trap is safe and easy to use and is easily set with a foot pedal that springs back once a mole has been caught.  Simply place the curved jaws over the top of an active runway, step down on the foot pedal and moles will trigger the trap.

- Innovative and effective design

- Dual springs for maximum power and curved jaws that scoop moles for improved capture

- Made from heavy duty, durable nylon - no sharp spikes and won't rust over time

- Can be used again and again

- Easy to use, with easy to set foot pedal that will spring back when trap is triggered

- Use on its own or part of an integrated Mole Control program with Motomco Mole Killer

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