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Fungal diseases are one of the major causes of plant loss for greenhouse growers and home gardeners. Monterey Liquid Copper RTU puts an end to fungal pathogens once and for all. Even better, it controls the fungal diseases organically, so there's no worry about spraying toxic chemicals on ornamentals, houseplants, garden crops and other plants.

How Liquid Copper RTU Works

Liquid Copper RTU contains copper octanoate as the active ingredient. It's a copper soap used for the successful control of pathogens like powdery mildew, black spot and downy mildew. The copper penetrates the plant and creates a barrier against invading pathogens. It's used primarily as a preventive solution and will protect the plant when used as directed.

Where to Use Liquid Copper

Monterey Liquid Copper RTU comes ready to use in a convenient spray bottle. Just point the bottle at the plant, and spray the solution. It's that easy. It can be used indoors to protect houseplants and outdoors in gardens to control fungal diseases on shrubs, flowers, fruits, vegetables and more. Use it in both the dormant and growing seasons for thorough control of unwanted and devastating pathogens.

Features and Benefits

Because it's OMRI listed, Liquid Copper RTU is safe to use for organic gardening. It can even be used all the way up to the day of harvest. It's ideal for protecting plants in home gardens and greenhouses and ensures protection against fruit rots, leaf curl and more. Other benefits include:

  • Perfect for controlling powdery and downy mildews
  • Formulated for use during growing and dormant seasons
  • Made for organic gardening

Control Plant Diseases with Monterey

Don't let fungal pathogens ruin your flowers, houseplants, crops and trees. Monterey Liquid Copper RTU is the solution for fighting and protecting against spots, rot and more. The ready-to-use spray bottle is easy to hold and apply the solution onto the plants. It can be used throughout the year and provides total control without using toxic chemicals.






Active Ingredient

Copper Octanoate (Copper Soap)



Container Size

12 x 1 quart

Application Amount

See label for details.






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