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Aphids, mites and similar insect pests are known for damaging crops, ornamentals and other plants. Monterey Horticultural Oil is a product made specifically to target these chewing and sucking pests without the need to use harsh chemical insecticides. It's a natural oil and can be used on a variety of plants to target pests and their eggs.

How Monterey Horticultural Oil Works

Monterey Horticultural Oil contains an aliphatic petroleum solvent as the primary ingredient. It works by covering the insects and their eggs, suffocating and killing the pests directly on the plants. The oil has no color and is colorless, so it's never visible on the plants. The unique formulation also prevents it from scorching the plants in hot climates under direct sunlight.

Where to Use Horticultural Oil

Use this natural oil-based insecticide on most outdoor crops and other plants. It's useful for keeping aphids, mealybugs and other plant-damaging insect pests off citrus trees, vegetable crops and ornamentals. Because it carries the OMRI label, it can be used for organic gardening by professional growers and also home gardeners.

Features and Benefits

Monterey Oil controls numerous pests from aphids and mites to scales and whiteflies. If it's a soft-bodied insect, it will provide effective results in only one application. It can be used year-round whether it's the dormant or growing seasons. Other benefits include:

  • Natural alternative to chemical insecticides
  • OMRI listed for organic gardening
  • Kills and controls plant-damaging insects
  • Colorless and non-staining formulation

Control Pests Naturally with Monterrey

It's not always recommended or encouraged to use chemical insecticides. Monterey Horticultural Oil gives crop growers and gardeners a more natural way to combat the worst chewing and sucking insect pests. It's available in 1 gallon sizes and only needs around 2 to 5 tablespoons for every gallon of water to provide uniform coverage over 1,000 square feet. Once applied, it suffocates the pests and will also coat their eggs, preventing future infestations on the plants.





Fungicide, Insecticide

Active Ingredient

Mineral Oil



Container Size

1 gallon

Application Amount

See label for details.






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