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Ant infestations will only get worse over time if they're not controlled with an effective insecticide. Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait contains a highly active ingredient to kill the insects within days of use and continues to provide residual ant control for 90 days. It's fast and effective and can be used to kill and control the most common ant species in and around homes and businesses.

How Maxforce Quantum Works

Maxforce Quantum contains the active ingredient imidacloprid. This chemical works on contact and by ingestion but has a delayed mode of action. The infected ants are able to return to the nest with the bait and infect other members, including the queen and the larvae. Within days of consuming and contacting the bait, the colony collapses and dies. The bait continues to work for three months to prevent future infestations.

Where to Use Maxforce Quantum

Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait can be used indoors and outdoors where the ants have been seen. Place it around their nests or alongside their trails to give them quick access to the bait. Avoid placing the bait directly on the trail as it will force the ants to move out of the way. Place the bait indoors in residential areas to keep ants out of pantries, cabinets and other places. It's also effective at killing and controlling the ant population inside and outside commercial buildings.

Target Pests

Maxforce Quantum targets sweet-seeking ant species like acrobat ants. The bait is moisture- and carbohydrate-rich, giving the ants what they need for survival. However, it also contains a poison that eliminates the colony after application. It works on Argentine ants, ghost ants, odorous house ants and pharaoh ants. Use Quantum ant bait to kill and control big-headed ants and little black ants. It will not be effective at killing carpenter, fire or harvester ants.

Maxforce Quantum Features and Benefits

Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait is labeled for use in a variety of locations, from homes and schools to supermarkets and trains. It can even be used in recreational sites to control ant colonies. The active ingredient works slowly enough to infect the ants throughout the nest, killing each one. It can be diluted in sugar water and sprayed in the area to clear out massive ant colonies on the lawn. Some features and benefits include:

  • Provides residual ant control for three months
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Formulated to kill crazy ants, house ants and other species
  • Contains a carbohydrate bait matrix for greater acceptance and control

Professional Ant Control with Maxforce Quantum

Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait controls large populations of ants in home lawns and commercial landscapes. The active ingredient gets passed on to other members of the colony through bait sharing, killing each one within days. It can be used indoors to target ants in cabinets and other rooms, as well as outdoors to stop colonies from forming around the foundation. Whether it's Argentine ants or big-headed ants, nothing provides longer-lasting ant control than Maxforce Quantum.


Manufacturer Bayer
Primary Pest Ants
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Imidacloprid, 1-[(6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl) methyl]-N nitro-2-imidazolidinimine, Other Ingredients
Composition .03%, 99.97%
Container Size 120 gm
Case Amount 6x120 gm
Application Amount See label for details.



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steve mackay
Heritage Professional / Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait

I paid less with Heritage Professional than on Ebay for the same product. A LOT LESS ! I think it was faster delivery too. Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait is amazing stuff for the "homeowner". A little bit goes a long, long way and is HIGHLY effective. Ants LOVE the stuff, take it home and are gone in the next few days. WONDERFUL stuff ! Well worth the price.

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