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Size: 4x27 GM Carton
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Think of ants as a fleet. They line up single file and head out to forage for food. Maxforce Fleet is used to kill and control ant infestations indoors and outdoors, preventing the colony from expanding. It contains an active ingredient in the gel to kill the ants within three to five days. The bait is attractive to the ants and works to kill every member of the colony, including the larvae and the queen.

How Maxforce Fleet Works

Maxforce Fleet contains the active ingredient fipronil. It's highly effective against ants and targets the central nervous system. After contacting and consuming the bait, the poison goes to work and causes overexcitation of the muscles and nerves. Over time, the ants can no longer function properly and die.

Where to Use Maxforce Fleet

Maxforce Fleet ant bait gel can be used indoors and outdoors to kill and control ant infestations. It provides fast and effective results within days of use, bringing the ant population under control. It can be used inside and outside homes anywhere the pests are seen. Apply it indoors in commercial buildings like offices and retail shops.

It can be used in restaurants and hotels, as well as inside cabinets and pantries to target the ants where they travel and search for food. When applying the gel, place it near the nest or beside the trails. Applying it on the trail may cause the ants to move around the bait.

Target Pests

Maxforce Fleet is used to kill the most common ant species in homes and in outside areas. It's a carbohydrate-based gel and provides the ants with a rich food source. It also contains a toxic poison that delivers a lethal dose in one feeding. Maxforce Fleet provides broad-spectrum control of carpenter ants and honey ants, as well as invasive Argentine ants. Use it to kill and control odorous house ants, big-headed ants, thief ants and other species.

Maxforce Fleet Features and Benefits

Maxforce Fleet is the perfect treatment option for ant infestations in homes and businesses. It's easy to apply in the target areas and can even be applied vertically on surfaces. The active ingredient works quickly and provides effective ant control within a week of application. Other features and benefits include:

  • Can be applied both indoors and outdoors
  • For use in residential, commercial and industrial areas
  • Targets the most invasive ants like carpenter and pharaoh
  • Comes in a moisture-rich, carbohydrate-based gel
  • Has a delayed mode of action to exterminate the ant colony

Maxforce Fleet Kills Ants Fast

Maxforce Fleet ant bait gel is an effective ant killer for use in homes, businesses, warehouses and more. It delivers outstanding acceptance and control of the most common ant species such as carpenter, Argentine, odorous and big-headed. The Maxforce Domino Effect ensures successful elimination of the entire colony, including the queen and larvae within a few days of application. Whether it's ants in the kitchen or outside on the deck, Maxforce Fleet eliminates the pests in no time.

    Manufacturer Bayer
    Primary Pest Ant
    Utility  Bait
    Active Ingredient Fipronil, Other Ingredients
    Composition .001%, 99.999%
    Container Size 4x27 gm carton
    Application Amount See label for details.



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