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Granular insecticides are commonly used indoors to combat pest infestations where they shelter and breed. With Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait, eliminating infestations at the source is quick and easy. Granules provide exceptional results against social insects such as cockroaches and ants. Because the active ingredient has time to work, the insects are able to take the granules back to the nest and infect every member.

How Maxforce Complete Works

Most granular insecticides contain synthetic pyrethroids or other chemicals that kill the insects by attacking their central nervous system. Maxforce Complete contains hydramethylnon, a chemical that inhibits the insects' metabolic processes. It works slowly upon ingestion, causing the metabolic process to slow down. The insects become lethargic and are unable to preen, to feed or to perform other basic life functions. After consuming the bait, it takes between 24 and 72 hours for the insects to die.

Where to Use Maxforce Complete

Maxforce granules can be used both indoors and outdoors to kill the labeled insects. Spread the granules along exterior walls to target the insects as they try to get inside through cracks and crevices. Use it indoors in nonfood areas of warehouses, kitchens, supermarkets and other commercial spaces. Maxforce Complete can be applied most anywhere insects have been seen or could cause an infestation later, such as in office parks, picnic areas and golf courses. It's labeled for use in residential, recreational, commercial, industrial and institutional areas.

Target Pests

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait targets three main insect species: cockroaches, ants and crickets. It's ideal for combating roach infestations and kills the pests through a slow progression. The roaches eat the bait, take some back to the nest and share the meal with the colony members. Ants act the same way, sharing the bait and causing the colony to collapse. It provides excellent cricket control and targets the most common roach and ant species, from German roaches to native fire ants.

Maxforce Complete Features and Benefits

Maxforce comes in a granular formulation made with food-grade ingredients to attract the insects to the bait. They find the bait irresistible with its mixture of sugars, fats, carbs and proteins. The granules also contain the active ingredient hydramethylnon to kill and control the population for weeks after application. Some benefits of Maxforce insect granules include:

  • Kills roaches, crickets and ants, as well as silverfish
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors on numerous labeled sites
  • Has a delayed action formulation for complete elimination of the colony
  • Provides maximum acceptance and control of the labeled insects

Maximum Pest Control with Maxforce Complete

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait is the go-to treatment for cockroaches, ants and crickets. It can even be used to kill silverfish that have invaded bathrooms, basements and other interior areas. The active ingredient starts to work at the moment of ingestion but has a delayed action to give the insects time to infect other members in their colonies. Whether it's a problem with American cockroaches or odorous house ants, Maxforce Complete knocks them out one by one.

Manufacturer Bayer
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Hydramethylnon, S-Methoprene, Other Ingredients
Composition 1%, 99%
Container Size 8 oz bottle or 4lb jug
Case Amount 6x8 oz bottle
Application Amount See label for details.
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