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Cockroach control is easy to achieve with Maxforce Impact. This roach bait gel lures the cockroaches to the food source and delivers a powerful ingredient to the insects. It not only starts to work on contact but slowly kills the roaches, giving them time to transfer the poison to the colony. It has a powerful formulation and makes it easy to get rid of roaches within 24 hours of the first application.

How Maxforce Impact Works

Maxforce uses clothianidin as the main ingredient in most of its pest control products. It doesn't necessarily kill the cockroaches on contact but will begin to work at the moment of ingestion. The active ingredient is very potent and targets the roaches' nerve function and causes paralysis. It only takes about 24 hours for the bait to start killing the roaches.

Where to Use Maxforce for Roaches

Cockroaches can find tiny cracks in homes and businesses and invade the interior. They colonize the space by building nests behind walls and also in appliances. Use this roach bait gel indoors to target roaches at the source. It's labeled for use in homes, warehouses, restaurants and other places where roaches are infesting the area. The gel even works out in the elements, so it's perfect for use in outdoor spaces around garages and perimeters.

Target Pests

Maxforce Impact is made to give pest control professionals and homeowners a simpler way to get rid of cockroaches without hassle. The roach bait gel can be applied to most any surface in the target area to kill roaches of all species. It's effective at killing roaches such as the German species, killing the insects and preventing them from breeding and causing another infestation down the road. It works to kill and control Asian, brown-banded, American and other cockroaches as well.

Benefits of Maxforce Impact

This roach bait comes in an easy-to-apply gel formulation and controls cockroaches in kitchens, crawl spaces and more. It starts to work through ingestion and doesn't require any special equipment to be applied. Some benefits and features of using Maxforce roach killer include:

  • Kills and controls bait-resistant German roaches
  • Contains clothianidin to target common roach species
  • Easy to apply to any surface
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Safe to use around pets when applied as directed

Control Roach Populations With Maxforce Impact

Cockroaches have been around forever, but it only takes 24 hours to get rid of them with Maxforce Impact. The gel bait can be applied most anywhere roaches have been seen, such as along the edges of baseboards or in areas where they're trying to get into food. It contains an effective chemical that works quickly to kill the colony from within. Expect to see results within 24 hours of applying the gel. For maximum cockroach control at home, Maxforce Impact is a must-have pest control product.


Manufacturer Bayer
Active Ingredient Clothianidin, Other Ingredients
Composition 1.0%, 99%
Container Size 4 , 30g syringes to a carton
Application Amount See label for details.
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