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InVade™Hotspot™ is a powerful probiotic that digest organic matter. The microbe spores activate when in contact with organic debris. The thick foam will cling to the surface, providing maximum contact for digesting scum and eliminating odors. With its 24 inch extension tube applicator it can inject into drains or hard to reach places. Areas of use include carpet stains, spills, garbage cans and cat boxes. It will not harm septic systems or municipal water treatment operations. Please follow label instructions.

Manufacturer Rockwell Labs
Utility  Cleaner
Active Ingredient Natural Microbes, Citrus Oil
Composition 100%
Container Size 16 oz can
Case Amount 12x16 oz cans
Application Amount See label for details.



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George L.
Drain 'odor' cleaner

Foaming action works to clean/clear gunk out of sink drain tube. Let sit for over an hour and you will see crud in sink bowl that the foam lifted out of the tube.

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