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Invade Hot Spot is a ready-to-use foam cleanser for use in drains and on surfaces. It works as a standalone product or with other Invade drain gels and cleansers for more effectiveness. It cleans up surfaces while deodorizing the space without relying on harsh chemicals. Invade foam is easy to apply and comes in a 16-ounce spray can.

How Invade Bio Foam Hot Spot Works

Invade Hot Spot contains natural microbes, making it a green alternative to chemical cleansers like bleach. The microbes eat through tough scum and remove odors without leaving behind a filthy residue. It also contains citrus oil and leaves a pleasant scent in the area after using the foam to clean surfaces and drains.

Where to Use Invade Hot Spot Foam

Use Invade Hot Spot bio-sanitation foam in homes and businesses to get rid of odors, scum and other unwanted organic matter. It can be applied down the drain to clear away scum and also on surfaces to remove stains. Old stains may require multiple applications of the foam. Just apply the foam to the target area, and let it sit for at least an hour for the best results. It's perfect for use on areas with soda stains and where other liquids have been spilled.

Target Pests

Invade Hot Spot is ideal for use in cracks and crevices to remove odors. It can be pointed directly on the affected area to cover the stain or scum with foam. Using an extension actuator will help the foam reach deeper into drains and remove caked-on scum. When used regularly, it can clear the drains and prevent unwanted drain fly infestations. It does all this without harsh chemicals and while leaving behind a fresh, citrus scent in the room.

Benefits of Using Invade Foam Cleanser

Most people turn to harsh chemicals to clean the sink drains or to remove scum off surfaces. These chemicals pose a health risk to people and don't always provide expected results. Invade Hot Spot foam cleanser cuts through tough scum using only natural microbes. Once it's applied, it only takes an hour for the foam to work. Don't wipe the foam away. It will dissipate on its own. Other benefits of Invade Bio Foam Hot Spot include:

  • Works well on soda, food stains, oil and other organic matter
  • Can be used in home sinks and in restaurant drains
  • Cleans up new and old stains
  • Has a 360-degree valve for easy application
  • Leaves behind a fresh scent

Get Rid of Scum on the Spot with Invade Hot Spot

Invade Hot Spot is the go-to product for cleaning scum off surfaces and clearing organic matter out of the drains. When used with other cleansers, it can be a vital part of a sanitation program. It cleans without harsh chemicals and can help to prevent drain flies when used regularly. Whether it's to clean up spilled milk or to knock out tough sink scum, it's hard to beat the natural fighting power of Invade Hot Spot.

Manufacturer Rockwell Labs 
Utility  Foam Cleaner Aerosol 
Active Ingredient Odor eliminating microbes
Container Size 16 oz. 
Application Amount See label for details.


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