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Nitrogen is a vital nutrient for turfgrass and encourages chlorophyll production, a necessary chemical needed for photosynthesis. Gravity G Slow Release 24-0-5 fertilizer contains a high nitrogen load to fill the nutrient needs of the turf and to help with deficiencies throughout the season.

How Gravity G Slow Release Works

Gravity G's slow-release nitrogen reduces the risk of burning the turf, allowing slow releases of nitrogen over time. It's a granular fertilizer and contains UFLEXX stabilized nitrogen, which is especially helpful at providing steady growth and vibrant color while also protecting against nitrogen loss through volatilization, leaching and denitrification.

Where to Use Gravity G with UFLEXX

Gravity G Slow Release fertilizer with UFLEXX stabilized nitrogen is made for most turfgrass applications. It can be applied to lawns and gardens and other sites where a nitrogen boost could improve the quality of the turf. Because it contains phosphorus, it is not recommended for agricultural use. It's specifically designed as a lawn fertilizer.

Benefits and Features

  • UFLEXX stabilized nitrogen
  • Reduces nitrogen "burn"
  • Phosphorus for healthy root systems

Improved Turf Quality with Gravity G

Nitrogen that slowly releases over time is beneficial to large turfgrass applications. It reduces the risk of "burn" and keeps feeding the turf vital nutrients during environmental stresses. Apply at 0.5 to 1 pound per 1,000 square feet, and make sure to water the turf immediately after application.

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