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Using insecticides to control chewing and sucking insect pests can sometimes cause harm to beneficial species. Grandevo CG is a bioinsecticide that's easy on beneficials while killing plant-destroying insects and mites. It can be the foundation of any integrated pest management (IPM) program or used in rotation with other products. Grandevo contains a naturally occurring bacterium to target and control the labeled pests.

How Grandevo CG Works

Grandevo CG, which stands for chromobacterium subtsugae, contains the fermented solids of the chromobacterium subtsugae strain PRAA4-1T. It's mode of action is the control and suppression of foliar-feeding insects and mites, acting as a stomach poison. It deters feeding and reduces the pests' ability to reproduce and to lay eggs. It's effective against numerous pests and can be mixed with water and applied as a foliar spray.

Where to Use Grandevo CG Insecticide

Grandevo CG bioinsecticide can be used on ornamental plants and edible crops to control and suppress a variety of insect pests and mites. Apply it as a foliar spray with ground equipment or by chemigation to the target areas. It can also be used on turf, including grass that's grown for seed. Spray the mixture on lawns and recreational turf to protect against insect damage. Grandevo is safe to use on many different edible crops, from tropical fruit and tree nuts to roots and tuber vegetables. It will even protect tobacco against foliar-feeding pests.

Target Pests

Grandevo CG is a highly effective insecticide and miticide, targeting and controlling Homoptera and Hemiptera species, such as aphids and whiteflies. It even works on and suppresses caterpillars and certain Coleoptera. Use Grandevo on plants to protect them from mealybug damage, as well as the damage caused by thrips and psyllids. It can be used to suppress fruit flies and thrips and is effective against spider mites on the target plants and turf.

Reasons to Use Grandevo CG

Because it can be used on edible crops, Grandevo CG is the ideal insecticide and miticide for plants in greenhouses and in the field. It can even be used in loop houses and on recreational turf to protect against leaf-damaging pests. It contains a naturally occurring bacterium rather than synthetic chemicals that could kill beneficial insects in the area. Some reasons to use Grandevo CG include:

  • Controls and suppresses aphids, thrips and whiteflies
  • Suppresses caterpillars and spider mites
  • Can be applied directly to turf, ornamental plants and edible crops
  • Safe for use in greenhouses and loop houses
  • Easy on beneficial and predatory insects

Grandevo CG Enhances IPM Programs

Grandevo CG makes the perfect insecticide to use in an IPM program. It controls and suppresses the most common foliar-feeding insects while being easy on beneficials. It can be used on everything from edible food crops, such as strawberries, and protects lawns and recreational turf. It applies easily as a foliar spray or by chemigation and can be used on ornamental plants grown in the field or in greenhouses. Whether it's aphids or spider mites, Grandevo CG controls the population and protects the foliage.

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