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Homeowners and business owners pay out billions of dollars each year to repair termite damage. Fuse Termiticide and Insecticide can help prevent the damage and save everyone money. This effective product kills and controls termites thanks to its two active ingredients. Not only does Fuse liquid termiticide work on invasive termites, but it also kills and controls a variety of pests such as ants and other wood-infesting insects.

How Fuse Termiticide Insecticide Works

Fuse is a termiticide and insecticide labeled for use to target, kill and control everything from termites to silverfish. It contains two active ingredients for more effectiveness: fipronil and imidacloprid. Both ingredients affect the insects in the same way by interfering with their central nervous system. Once the termites and other pests contact the ingredient, they become paralyzed and die. Fuse doesn't offer quick knockdown but instead works slowly to allow the insects to transfer the insecticide to the nest where it will infect and kill every member.

Where to Use Fuse Termiticide

Fuse can be sprayed around homes and businesses to combat termite infestations, as well as other wood-destroying and nuisance pest insects. It's labeled for use outdoors, targeting subterranean termites and other termite species. Though it will kill other pest insects, it's not for use indoors or for general pest control. Any indoor treatments should be limited to spot applications only when applied as directed.

Target Pests

Use Fuse and its active ingredients to kill and control termite colonies. The duo formulation is perfect for controlling social insects, giving them time to transfer the poison to other members and killing them all at the source. While it's an effective treatment for termites, it's also an ant killer, knocking out carpenter ant infestations and stopping damage to the wood. It will also kill wood-infesting beetles, as well as nuisance pests like silverfish and earwigs.

Benefits of Fuse for Termite Control

Fuse doesn't kill the termites on contact. Though the formulation is highly toxic to the insects, it has a slow mode of action for greater control. The insects are able to become infected and allowed time to go back to the colony and infect the other members one by one. This process helps to eliminate colonies from the inside out. Some other benefits of Fuse include:

  • Useful as a perimeter treatment for subterranean termites
  • Can be used for indoor spot treatments for live termites
  • Contains two active ingredients for maximum termite control
  • Kills and controls box-elder bugs, millipedes and other insects

Control Termites and Other Pests With Fuse

With Fuse Termiticide and Insecticide, pest infestations are eliminated within days and weeks of application. It can be used around homes and commercial buildings to prevent the damage caused by termites and other wood-infesting pests. It kills and controls drywood termites as well as carpenter ants. Because it's a nonrepellent termiticide, the insects won't detect it, making it one of the best products for killing and controlling these pests and exterminating their colonies around homes and businesses.


Manufacturer Control Solutions Inc.
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Diphacione, Other Ingredients
Composition 21.4%, 6.6%, 72%
Container Size 27.5 oz bottle
Case Amount 4x 27.5 oz
Application Amount See label for details.



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