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Growers don't always want fruit to develop on their ornamental trees and shrubs. Florel is a growth regulator used by many professional growers to minimize or completely eliminate fruit growth on their ornamentals. In many cases, it may also regulate the height of container-grown ornamentals as well as promote flowering on some plants.

How Florel PGR Works

Monterey Florel Brand Growth Regulator contains ethephon as the active ingredient. When applied to trees, shrubs and plants, it's known to reduce fruit development on trees and to induce flowering on plants such as bromeliads. It works by mimicking the stress hormone in the plants, which causes them to halt the growth of blossoms. When used on ornamental trees, it may eliminate the production of apples, crabapples and other fruits and nuts.

Where to Use Florel PGR

Florel Growth Regulator can be used on any ornamental tree and shrub, including oak, crabapple, pine, sweet gum and elm. It also controls development of fruit on mistletoe and greenhouse ornamentals. When used as directed, it can help to control the height of container-grown daffodils and also increase lateral branching in a variety of plants.

Features and Benefits

Using Florel when the plant, tree or shrub is in the bloom stage is the best time to control fruit production. It should not be applied after the fruit has developed. Some features and benefits of using growth regulators include:

  • Regulates fruit development on trees and shrubs
  • Induces flowering and lateral branching
  • Perfect for greenhouse growers

Control Plant Growth Easier with Florel

Florel PGR improves ornamental trees and shrubs by preventing and eliminating fruit development. It can be used on everything from apple trees to daffodils and mimics the stress hormone in the plants that causes them to halt fruit growth. While it reduces and prevents fruit development, it also causes more lateral branch growth and early flowering in some plants. It's best applied to wet trees and plants and only requires one application to produce effective results.






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