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The primary ingredient in First Strike Soft Bait is what makes this rodenticide more effective than other products in its class. It works quickly to kill the rodents within days of feeding and provides long-lasting control with repeat applications. It has an attractive scent that lures the rodents and makes them feed on the bait even if other food sources are available.

How First Strike Soft Bait Works

First Strike Soft Bait rodenticide contains the active ingredient difethialone. This chemical is an anticoagulant and causes severe liver damage in the rodents. The effects are irreversible and lead to bleeding in rats and mice, causing their death with one feeding. It doesn't contain wax like other rodenticides, making it more palatable for rats and mice.

Where to Use First Strike Soft Bait

No matter where First Strike is applied, it should be placed in tamper-resistant bait stations. The stations will protect the bait from the elements while also protecting children and nontarget animals from the poison. Because the packaging allows the scent to escape, the bait will still be attractive to the rodents while it's in a bait station. First Strike rat and mice bait can be used indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial areas when placed in bait stations and used as directed. Placing the bait 8 to 12 feet apart will yield the best results.

Target Pests

All it takes is one night of feeding to deliver a lethal dose of the active ingredient to rats and mice. Dead rodents will be seen within four or five days after placing the bait in the target area. It can be used indoors and outdoors to target house mice, including those that are resistant to warfarin. Use First Strike to kill Norway rats and roof rats, as well as other labeled rodents.

Benefits of Using First Strike Rodenticide

Even warfarin-resistant rats and mice can't resist the aroma and taste of First Strike Soft Bait rodenticide. The rodents only need to feed once to receive a lethal dose of the active ingredient. Within a week, dead rats and mice will be seen in the target area. The bait can be used indoors and outdoors but is best placed in bait stations for added protection. Other benefits of First Strike include:

  • Kills Norway rats, roof rats and warfarin-resistant house mice
  • Has superior acceptance by most rodent species
  • Releases an attractive scent through the packaging
  • Extremely palatable thanks to the lack of wax on the bait

Get Maximum Rodent Control With First Strike

Rats and mice cause a lot of problems for homes and businesses. They gnaw on furniture and the surrounding structure, as well as chew on wiring which could lead to a fire hazard. They also leave behind feces and urine, contaminating the surfaces as they travel. First Strike Soft Bait rodenticide lures the rodents out of their hiding places and delivers a lethal dose of poison in one feeding. Use this product to kill and to control rat and mouse infestations indoors and outdoors.

Manufacturer Liphatech Inc
Primary Pest Rodents
Active Ingredient difethialone
Composition 0.0025%
Container Size 15 lb.
Application Amount See label for details.



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