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Rat infestations are nothing to take lightly and should be eliminated before they get out of control. Final rodenticide is available in ready-to-use packs for targeting the rodents and killing them within days of feeding. The packs can be used indoors and outdoors and are best kept in rat bait stations to protect against tampering.

How Final Pellet Place Packets Work

Final rodenticide contains the active ingredient brodifacoum. It's an anticoagulant and gets into the bloodstream from the rodent's digestive system. It starts to work at the moment of ingestion and takes between one and five days before the rodent dies. If children or nontarget animals consume the bait, vitamin K1 is used to treat the poison.

Where to Use Final Pellet Rodenticide

Use Final pellet packs in areas where rodents gnaw and travel. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is best applied in a bait station to keep children and pets protected from the pellets. The station will also keep the bait fresher for longer and ensure that it eliminates all the rodents in the area. It can be used in and around homes, businesses, agricultural areas and also transport vehicles such as trains and aircraft. Apply the rodenticide in alleys to target large infestations, as well as around the perimeter of buildings to keep the rodents from infesting interior spaces.

Target Pests

Final rodenticide is designed to kill and control a variety of rodent species, mainly rats and mice. The active ingredient prevents the blood from clotting, which leads to bleeding and eventual death. It kills warfarin-resistant Norway rats, preventing an unwanted infestation. It's also effective at killing roof rats and common house mice not only in residential areas but also commercial sites like office buildings. A single feeding is all it takes for the bait to kill off numerous rats and mice.

Advantages of Final Place Packs for Rat Control

Rodenticides like Final pellet place packs help to control the rat and mouse populations around homes and businesses. The active ingredient works quickly to prevent clotting, resulting in the rodent's death. Although there is a well-known antidote for the poison, it's still recommended to use the bait in tamper-resistant bait stations for mice and rats. Other benefits of Final rodenticide include:

  • The pellets are red, making them more attractive to the rodents.
  • The bait is hard and satisfies the rodent's natural desire to gnaw.
  • The pellets are made with food-grade ingredients for greater acceptance.

Kill Rats and Mice With Final Pellet Place Packs

Mice and rats will take over interior and exterior spaces without an effective rodenticide to eliminate an infestation. Final pellet bait packets are easy to use and can be placed in any bait station to keep them fresh and to protect children and animals from the poison. The active ingredient starts to work within hours and kills the rodents within one to five days. Whether it's to kill rats and mice in homes or in warehouses, Final rodenticide takes no time to exterminate them all.


Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Bromethalin, Other Ingredients
Composition .005%, 99.995%
Container Size 291x25 gm pack
Application Amount See label for details.



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