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Mosquito control is hard to achieve with traditional misters and home remedies. With Catchmaster Final Feed Mosquito Bait, it's possible to get rid of mosquitoes without using chemical methods. This effective bait contains a natural ingredient to lure and to repel these blood-sucking insects, killing them within one to two days. It not only starts to work on contact but continues to kill mosquitoes for weeks after an application.

How Final Feed Mosquito Bait Works

Final Feed contains garlic oil as the active ingredient. It's perfect for use in residential and recreational areas since it doesn't harm people, pets, plants or wildlife. The garlic oil repels the mosquitoes from the area while the nontoxic fruit juice within the bait lures the pests. It controls mosquito species such as the Aedes, which is known for carrying the Zika virus. Final Feed kills the mosquitoes within two days and continues to repel and kill them for as many as four weeks.

Where to Use Catchmaster Final Feed

Because Final Feed bait contains natural ingredients, it can be used anywhere outdoors where mosquitoes gather. It mixes easily in a spray tank by combining 1 part of the concentrate to 3 parts of water. Once mixed, spray Final Feed in outdoor spaces such as residential backyards, city parks and public campgrounds. It works great for controlling mosquito infestations on and around athletic fields and recreational sites, as well as industrial areas like warehouses and shipping yards. Other places for using Final Feed to control mosquitoes include:

  • Roadsides
  • Animal shelter yards
  • Municipal properties
  • Woodlands
  • Gardens

Target Pests

Catchmaster mosquito bait is formulated to control adult mosquitoes. It starts killing the pests within one to two days and reduces the population by 90 percent in two to three weeks. Once it's sprayed in the target area, it keeps on working for up to four weeks and preventing further infestations. Final Feed doesn't contain harmful ingredients, so there's no worry about applying it in areas where people and pets are found.

Final Feed Bait Features and Benefits

With natural garlic oil and fruit juices as the primary ingredients, Final Feed tackles mosquito infestations without the need to use toxic chemicals. It provides a one-two punch, luring the pests to the bait while also repelling them from the area. It's fast, effective and safe to use around animals when applied as directed. Some of the major benefits include:

  • For use in any outdoor space
  • Doesn't cause harm to people, animals or plants
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Easy to mix and apply to the target area
  • Reduces the mosquito population by 90 percent in two weeks

Final Feed Gets Rid of Mosquitoes

Catchmaster mosquito bait does what other mosquito products fail to do: kill mosquitoes in one to two days. It keeps on killing the pests for up to four weeks, eliminating infestations in two to three weeks. It's safe to use in residential backyards, commercial properties and recreational areas. Whether it's to kill or to prevent mosquitoes, nothing does it better than Final Feed Mosquito Bait.

Manufacturer Catchmaster
Primary Pest Mosquito
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Micro-encapsulated Garlic
Composition .4%, 99.6%
Container Size 1 bottle - 64 oz 
Case Amount 6x64oz
Weight of Container Size 1 lbs
Application Amount See label for details.


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