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Some rodents are averse to anticoagulant baits. Fastrac Blox contains a different kind of ingredient, one that works quickly to kill the rodents with just one feeding. They're not averse to the active ingredient and will consume the bait without fail. The bait blocks are small and have many gnawing edges to make them more appealing to rats and mice.

How Fastrac Blox Works

Fastrac Blox rodenticide contains bromethalin as the active ingredient. It's a neurotoxin and affects the rodents differently than rodenticides that contain bromadiolone, an anticoagulant that causes bleeding. Bromethalin works differently, targeting the rodent's central nervous system. Within hours of ingesting the toxin, they are unable to perform basic functions. They soon become paralyzed and die. It only takes 24 to 36 hours after ingestion to kill the rodent.

Where to Use Fastrac Blox for Rodent Control

Fastrac Blox can be used indoors or outdoors to target the labeled pests where they burrow or travel. However, keep the bait away from children and animals as it's highly toxic and has no antidote. It's best to put the blocks in rat or mouse bait stations not only to keep it away from children and nontarget animals but also to keep it fresh and out of the elements. Use it anywhere the rodents have been seen, such as in crawl spaces and in between walls.

Target Pests

Because the bait has numerous edges for gnawing, it attracts the rodents. These pests must gnaw every day to prevent their incisors from causing health problems. The bait is made to attract rats and mice and to kill them within a day or two. It eliminates rodent infestations and prevents the pests from spreading diseases and contaminating interior and exterior areas. These pests also have fleas, which can transmit diseases to people and animals.

Reasons to Use Fastrac Blox Rodenticide

Rats and mice breed multiple times in a year, producing numerous pups per cycle. The pups reach maturity in just a few weeks and begin breeding. Before long, a few rats and mice have turned into dozens in the area. Fastrac Blox works quickly to kill the rats and to curb the population. Some other reasons to use Fastrac for rat control include:

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors (in bait stations)
  • For residential, commercial and industrial use
  • Kills Norway rats, roof rats and house mice
  • Starts to work within 12 hours of ingesting the toxin
  • Contains enough toxin to kill the rats with one feeding

Eliminate House Mice and Rats With Fastrac Blox

Rats and mice will breed out of control if nothing is done in time. Fastrac Blox rodenticide contains a highly toxic ingredient to kill the rodents within a day or two. It goes to work within 12 hours of feeding and will eliminate infestations in 36 hours. The bait can be used indoors and outdoors when placed in bait stations. Whether it's roof rats invading attic spaces or house mice getting into pantries, nothing knocks out a rat and mouse infestation like Fastrac All-Weather Blox.


Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Bromethalin, Other Ingredients
Composition .01%, 99.99%
Container Size 4 lb
Case Amount 2x4 lb pails
Application Amount See label for details.



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