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Pests invade homes throughout the year, causing infestations in kitchens, basements and bathrooms. When it comes to controlling the pests, homeowners want a natural pest control solution rather than chemical insecticides. Essentria General Household Insect Control is a powerful spray that contains natural ingredients to kill the insects on contact. It's easy to use and can be sprayed on counters, tables and other surfaces.

How Essentria General Household Spray Works

Essentria General Household spray comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle for quick and precise applications. It contains three primary ingredients to provide quick knockdown and kill: peppermint oil, rosemary oil and geraniol, a component of clove oil. It also contains other ingredients, such as wintergreen, which emits a pleasant minty scent on the surfaces. The combination of ingredients disrupts the insect's nerve function, knocking them down and killing them on contact.

Where to Use Essentria General Household Spray

Use Essentria General Household Insect Control in homes to take control of pest infestations. It's safe to use around children and pets and can be used on various surfaces in the kitchen without worry. Use it in nursing homes, hospitals, daycare centers and other sensitive areas. It's effective at killing insects in commercial buildings like offices and can even be used in transport vehicles to eliminate flies and other insects on the spot. Schools, apartments, kennels and stores are just a few common places where Essentria can be used for pest control.

Target Insects

Essentria's active ingredients are so powerful that they can kill the most common insects in homes and businesses. It targets all flying and crawling insects, from ants and roaches to carpenter bees and wasps. If wasps are building nests around entrances, Essentria knocks them down and prevents them from causing harm to people in the area. It works on fleas, ticks, spiders and other common arachnids and insects.

Essentria Household Spray Features and Benefits

Most insecticide sprays contain synthetic chemicals and may pose a risk to children and pets in the area. Essentria doesn't contain harmful ingredients to kill pests. Instead, it has a combination of essential oils that combine as a potent formulation for use on insects of all types. Some of the best features of Essentria insect control spray include:

  • Leaving behind a minty scent when sprayed
  • Controlling the most common indoor pests
  • Containing plant oil extracts for safe home use
  • Eliminating infestations on the spot
  • Providing quick knockdown
  • For use on counters, appliances and inside cabinets

Essentria Puts the Power of Pest Control in Your Hands

There's no need to buy spray equipment or to hire a pest control professional to kill insects at home. All it takes is one spray bottle of Essentria General Household Insect Control to do the job. It's easy to use and comes in an all-natural formulation to kill insects without using chemical ingredients. Whether it's ants invading the kitchen or silverfish lurking in the bathroom, one spray from Essentria quickly kills the insects and puts an end to the infestation.

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