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Edging takes time and extends the length of a job. Edgeless is a turf growth regulator and reduces the overall trimming requirements of turfgrass. It's made for use on perennial cool- and warm-season grasses and can be used everywhere from sidewalks to golf courses. It contains two active ingredients to prevent overextension of the grass along the perimeter of lawns and other labeled areas.

How Edgeless TGR Works

Edgeless TGR contains two active ingredients: flurprimidol and trinexapac-ethyl. Both are plant growth regulators and work by reducing internode elongation, which results in halted or slower growth. This effect leads to fewer trimmings in the season. The second ingredient in the list is a gibberellin biosynthesis inhibitor and keeps the turf in the treated area the same height for longer after edging.

Where to Use Edgeless TGR

Use Edgeless in edging and banding applications along the perimeter of lawns and other sites. It can be used to prevent excess growth of the edges around landscape beds, sidewalks and curbs, as well as parking lots and driveways. Apply it to the areas around mailboxes and posts, fences and gravestones. It can be used around most any structure and is ideal for use around commercial and recreational areas to keep the landscape pristine while also reducing the frequency of trimmings. Refer to the label for exact use rates to achieve maximum results.

Target Uses

Edgeless is made for reducing trimming chores on many different sites, but it should not be used on turf grown for sale or for use as sod, as well as commercial seed production. While it can be applied along the perimeter of labeled sites, it should not be applied directly to shrubs, bedding plants or food crops. It's not intended for use on turfgrass that has been stressed due to environmental factors or pests.

Edgeless TGR Features and Benefits

Because Edgeless contains two turf growth regulators, it delivers exceptional results on the target site. When used as directed, it inhibits growth along the perimeters and reduces the overall need for trimming. It can be applied as a standard edging application and will cause the turfgrass to turn a darker green color for a few weeks after treatment. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Contains two turf growth regulators for greater edging control
  • Labeled for use around most structures and perimeters
  • Can be used to reduce trimming requirements on golf courses
  • Safe to use on most cool- and warm-season perennial grasses
  • Must be used on turfgrass that is already established and actively growing

Stop Repeated Trimming with Edgeless TGR

Edgeless turf growth regulator is a must-have product for any turf management professional. Because it inhibits excessive turf growth, it reduces the number of trimmings needed in a season, thereby saving money on labor costs and chemical treatments. It's safe to use on perennial cool- and warm-season grasses and can be applied around the perimeter of lawns, sidewalks, fences and more. Treated areas turn a dark green color that may last up to six weeks.





Active Ingredient

Flurprimidol 13.26%

Triexapac-ethyl 5%

Container Size

8 oz

Application Amount

See label for details.





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