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Ecotec Plus broad-spectrum insecticide is also a miticide, targeting the most plant-damaging mites on a variety of crops. It contains active ingredients that not only kill the pests on contact but also control every stage of insect development. Ecotec Plus can be combined in the tank with most pesticides, adjuvants and other products for even greater pest control. Thanks to its specialized formulation, there are no re-entry intervals.

How Ecotec Plus Works

Ecotec Plus contains a combination of natural ingredients that not only have a pleasant aroma but also kill and repel insect pests. The primary ingredients are rosemary oil and peppermint oil, with also an addition of geraniol. It's the main part of rose oil and citronella oil and is used in natural pest control products for its effectiveness. These ingredients combine to knock down the pests quickly at all life stages.

Where to Use Ecotec Plus Insecticide

Ecotec Plus Insecticide and Miticide can be used on many different fruit and vegetable crops, as well as in turfgrass grown for sod and seed. Use it indoors on ornamental crops in greenhouses and shade houses. It can be used to protect flower beds, groundcovers, ornamental trees and shrubs. Apply Ecotec Plus outdoors on lawns and to keep golf courses free of stubborn pests. It's safe to use in parks and other landscaped areas, as well as mushroom houses when applied as directed.

Target Pests

Ecotec Plus can be used in many areas to combat pests of all types, from spider mites to soft-bodied insects like aphids. The unique formulation kills on contact and also smothers the pests' outer layering, effectively killing the adults and nymphs. Use it to kill the most invasive mite species, such as two-spotted spider mites and red mites. It's effective at controlling the aphid population in greenhouses, as well as killing caterpillars at the early stages. Apply Ecotec in the labeled areas to knock down and control everything from leafminers and psyllids to thrips and whiteflies.

Ecotec Plus Features and Benefits

The natural ingredients are what make Ecotec Plus a safer alternative to synthetic insecticides. Compared to toxic chemicals, Ecotec Plus delivers the same results without posing a health risk to people and animals when used as directed. Some of the major benefits of this insecticide and miticide include:

  • Natural formulation derived from essential oils
  • Kills on contact and provides residual control
  • Can be used on lawns, greenhouse plants, shrubs and more
  • Mixes in the tank easily with other pesticides
  • Eliminates infestations caused by mites and common insects

Get Quick Contact Kills With Ecotec Plus

Many natural pest control products don't provide the same effectiveness as Ecotec Plus. That's because it contains a powerful combination of ingredients to knock down the insects on contact while providing residual control in the target area. It can be applied with ground spray and aerial spray equipment but should not be applied in heavy wind. Whether it's to protect lawns or indoor ornamentals, Ecotec Plus provides exceptional results in no time.

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