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This product is a restricted use product and those who order must have a pesticide license. If you do not have a pesticide license we have the right to cancel your order.

Rodent baits don't always work and are sometimes discouraged in certain areas. DITRAC Tracking Powder comes in an easy-to-apply formulation that doesn't dissolve in water, making it highly effective and prolonging its activity. It contains a toxic ingredient that starts to work at the moment of ingestion, killing the rodents within days. DITRAC can be used for rodent control in a variety of areas such as homes and businesses.

How DITRAC Tracking Powder Works

DITRAC powder contains the active ingredient diphacinone. This toxic chemical acts as an anticoagulant and prevents the rodent's blood from clotting, which results in their death. The powder clings to the rodents' paws and fur as they cross through the application area. When they groom, they ingest the toxic powder. It doesn't take long for the rats, mice and other rodents to die.

Where to Use DITRAC for Rat Control

Rat and mice infestations can spread throughout an interior in no time, so it's important to use a reliable product to prevent a population explosion. DITRAC is a reliable rat killer when the rodents ignore the baits. The powder can be used indoors in areas where the rats and mice travel. Apply DITRAC in wall voids, behind furniture and along walls as they scurry and hide. This effective rat powder can be used in homes, offices, industrial buildings and other interior structures to get rid of rats, mice and other invasive rodents.

Target Pests

DITRAC Tracking Powder is labeled for use on rats and mice and may kill other rodents that invade interior spaces. It's an anticoagulant and starts to work at the moment of ingestion. Place the powder in their burrows to infect them as they enter and exit. This product is highly toxic to rats and mice and could harm nontarget animals. Vitamin K1 is administered as a treatment for humans and animals that ingest the chemical.

Why Use DITRAC Rat Tracking Powder?

Rats and mice breed numerous times per year, causing massive infestations in homes and other structures. One female rat can have six litters per year with up to 12 young each time. The young reach maturity in only five weeks and are able to breed, creating a real problem if the rodents aren't caught in time. DITRAC Tracking Powder eliminates infestations easily thanks to its powder formulation. Some other reasons to use DITRAC include:

  • Easy to apply to the target area
  • Can be added to bait stations to protect nontarget animals
  • Controls the rat and mice populations in less time than baits
  • Perfect for use in homes, businesses and other structures

Control Norway Rats and Mice With DITRAC

Norway rats, house mice and other rodents die quickly to the active ingredient in DITRAC Tracking Powder. It's specially formulated to withstand humidity, so it won't dissolve in water or stop working in areas with high moisture. It can be used in wall voids, burrows and other areas to target the rodents where they travel. Once it's ingested, DITRAC works quickly to eliminate the pests.


Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Tracking Powder
Active Ingredient Diphacione, Other Ingredients
Composition .2%, 99.8%
Container Size 6 lb/25 lb
Case Amount 4x6 lb/ 25 lb bag
Application Amount See label for details.



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The product came quickly

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