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Sedges are hard to control and require a tough herbicide to eliminate them all. Dismiss South is highly effective against many different broadleaf weeds and grasses, including various sedges. In fact, it has an enhanced effect against yellow and purple nutsedge. It's a postemergent herbicide that not only kills existing weeds but provides protection against future outbreaks.

How Dismiss South Herbicide Works

Dismiss South contains two active ingredients: imazethapyr and sulfentrazone. The first is an amino acid inhibitor and interferes with protein synthesis, DNA synthesis and cellular growth. The second is effective against sedges and works by disrupting the cell membranes in the weeds and causing death. It acts on the surface of the leaves and works its way down into the roots and tubers to prevent a second occurrence.

Where to Use Dismiss South

Dismiss South is ideal to use in warm-season grasses to knock out purple nutsedge and other sedges. It can be used in commercial, recreational and institutional lawns and landscapes. Apply it on home and business lawns, including recreational sites like golf courses. It can be applied to the fairways and roughs to knock out weed infestations in the area. It's also labeled for use on sod farms to kill and prevent broadleaf weeds and grasses from taking over. See the label for a complete list of target sites.

Target Weeds

Dismiss South is very effective against purple nutsedge and will also kill other sedges. It will start to work on contact and penetrate the soil to kill weeds like black medic, clover and crabgrass. Use it to kill goosegrass and ground ivy, dandelion and henbit, and wood sorrel. For wild onion and garlic, Dismiss South delivers exceptional weed control. Some other target weeds include pigweed, spurge and green kyllinga. Refer to the label for even more target weeds.

Dismiss South Features and Benefits

Dismiss South is specially formulated to kill sedges, especially yellow and purple nutsedge. It's effective at killing dozens of unwanted broadleaf weeds and grasses, such as kyllinga and spurge. It can be used on recreational sites like athletic fields and golf courses, keeping them free of weeds throughout the season. Some major features and benefits of using Dismiss South for weed control include:

  • Contains two ingredients for improved weed control
  • Safe to use on golf course fairways and other areas
  • Kills yellow and purple nutsedge from the leaves to the tubers
  • Ideal for use in warm-season grasses, except St. Augustine
  • Does not require a surfactant for use

Dismiss Weeds in Turfgrass with Dismiss South

Say goodbye to broadleaf weeds with Dismiss South herbicide. It has two active ingredients to target postemergent weeds, attacking them on the leaf surface and penetrating the soil to kill the entire plant from top to bottom. Because it kills the tubers, there's no worry about future outbreaks. Therefore, it helps to reduce overall labor and treatment costs. Whether it's to eliminate green kyllinga or purple nutsedge, nothing works faster at killing the weeds like Dismiss South herbicide.





Active Ingredient

Sulfentrazone 33.33%

Imazethapyr 6.67%

Container Size

1 pint

Application Amount

See label for details.





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