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Deer don't always stay in the forest or remain hidden away from homes and businesses. Because they feed on vegetation, many residents find the animals eating their vegetable gardens or roses. Even fences can't keep the deer away in most cases. Deer Scram is made to repel deer from the area without causing harm to the animals. It's made with natural, organic ingredients and provides up to a month of protection in ideal conditions.

How Deer Scram Works

Deer Scram is made with blood meal, garlic, red pepper and cloves, resulting in a scent that deer find revolting, almost like the smell of death. It comes in granular form and can easily be applied to the ground with the included scoop or a spreader. The ingredients work for up to 30 days even in normal rainfall conditions and can also repel the deer in the snow.

Where to Use Deer Scram

Use Deer Scram deer repellent in areas where the animals are invading the property. If the property is located by a forest, use the repellent near their entry points. A scoop of the granules can make a 20-foot strip about 18 inches wide. Create a barrier around gardens, trees, shrubs and other areas where the deer invade and feed on the plants. Apply three strips across deer paths about 5 feet apart to deter the animals from entering the property. One 25-pound container will cover up to 27,900 square feet of space.

Target Pests

Deer Scram is made to repel deer from properties. It may have effects on other wildlife in the area, but it's not guaranteed. The ingredients are tested and found to be most effective at repelling deer and keeping them away from garden plants, rose bushes and other vegetation. Applying multiple strips in the target area will provide a greater barrier and work more effectively to get rid of deer.

Benefits of Deer Scram Granules

One of the major reasons to use Deer Scram deer repellent is its natural formulation. There are no harsh chemicals that could harm the deer or any surrounding wildlife. It's safe for the environment and doesn't need to be applied with any special equipment. Deer Scram is ready to use and protects everything from vegetable gardens to shrubs and flowers. Other benefits of Deer Scram include:

  • Repels deer for up to 30 days in normal conditions
  • Works for 90 days in the winter
  • Creates a 20-linear-foot strip with one scoop
  • Safe to use on golf courses and commercial landscapes
  • Comes in a 25-pound container

Repel Deer With Deer Scram Repellent

Deer cause foraging damage as they trample plants and consume vegetables and flowers. Taking preventive measures, such as using Deer Scram deer repellent, is the key to protecting the vegetation from damage. This granular repellent comes in a 25-pound container, providing enough product to cover a large area. The organic ingredients are potent enough to scare away deer but gentle enough to be used in the environment. Whether it's to protect a garden or ornamental flowers, nothing keeps deer away quite like Deer Scram.


Manufacturer EPIC Enviro Protection Industries Company, Inc.
Primary Pest Deer
Utility  Repellants
Active Ingredient Blood Meal, Garlic, Red Pepper, Cloves, Meat meal, Other Ingredients
Composition 42%,4%,2.8%,1.5%,49.7%
Container Size 25 lb bag
Application Amount See label for details.



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