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Spider control products, such as Onslaught FastCap and the Catchmaster Insect Trap and Monitor, are perfect for killing and controlling spider infestations in the home. However, they don't provide any benefit for getting rid of cobwebs. It takes a little more manual work, but using a cobweb dusthead is the best method for cleaning up their mess.

How Cobweb Dustheads Work

The dustheads fit on the end of an extension pole and are made with long bristles for grabbing, twisting and removing the cobwebs from the corners of rooms. They're durable, last for a very long time and are cleaned easily with a little soap and water.

Cobweb Dusthead Replacements

Perfect for professional cleaners and homeowners, these cobweb dusthead replacements are perfect for clearing out cobwebs from windows, corners and other hard-to-reach places. They fit onto extension poles or broom handles and get rid of cobwebs with a twist of the wrist.

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