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Bed bugs may not spread diseases, but they cause many different problems for homes and businesses. They feed on blood and spread quickly throughout an interior, even hitchhiking to other locations on luggage and clothing. ClimbUp Interceptors are the perfect solution for trapping and monitoring bed bug infestations at home. They're simple to set up and make it easy to monitor activity in the target area.

How ClimbUp Insect Interceptors Works

Because bed bugs are natural climbers, they fall for the unique design of ClimbUp Insect Interceptors. The Interceptor has a rough covering on the outside, making it perfect for bed bugs to latch on to and climb. Once they reach the top, they're faced with a slick inner wall that sends them straight to the bottom. Bed bugs that try to climb down from the furniture also get trapped once they reach the Interceptor on the floor.

Where to Use ClimbUp Interceptors

ClimbUp Interceptors are made to trap bed bugs in homes and other areas where there's suspected activity. Use them in bedrooms, living rooms, office spaces and hotel rooms to monitor and to trap bed bugs as they travel. It's important to place the Interceptors directly under the feet of the bed or the furniture. If the bugs have other ways to escape, such as a sheet touching the floor or a couch against the wall, the Interceptors won't be quite as effective.

Target Pests

ClimbUp Interceptors are made to capture bed bugs where they travel. The slick interior walls are impossible for the bed bugs to climb out of, leaving them stuck for easy monitoring. There's no need to add any talc or other substances to improve their effectiveness. The updated design keeps the bed bugs in place so that the homeowner can monitor the activity and take the appropriate measures to treat an infestation.

Benefits of ClimbUp for Bed Bug Control

Because it doesn't contain or use any chemicals, the ClimbUp Interceptor is the ideal product for bed bug control at home and in businesses. It can be placed easily under chair legs, bed frames and other areas where bed bugs travel up and down. Keeping them in place even for a night or two provides a simple way to monitor bed bug activity in the target areas. Some main features of ClimbUp Interceptors include:

  • Rough outer walls for easy climbing
  • Slick inner walls to trap the bed bugs
  • Easy to place under furniture legs
  • Simple and unobtrusive design
  • Comes with 12 traps in a box

Prevent Bed Bug Infestations With ClimbUp

Bed bug bites cause itchy welts and may even cause allergic reactions in some people. It's important to monitor an infestation before applying a chemical pesticide to the area. With ClimbUp Insect Interceptors, it's easy to capture the bed bugs in the room. It's natural for them to want to seek other locations. The Interceptors trap the bugs as they travel up and down the furniture, keeping them in place with no escape.

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