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Just one 4-ounce bottle of CimeXa Insecticide Dust is enough to kill and control a variety of pests for months. A 5-pound container is enough to cover large indoor and outdoors spaces as a dust or as a tank-mix with water. It goes to work on contact but has a slow mode of action to kill the insects where they travel, live and breed. The active ingredient targets the most common insect pests, including pyrethroid-resistant pests like bed bugs. Whether it's ants or roaches, nothing provides long-lasting pest control like CimeXa.

How CimeXa Dust Works

CimeXa dust contains the active ingredient silicon dioxide. It works on contact, clinging to the insect's exoskeleton. It absorbs the waxy outer coating, eventually killing the pest due to dehydration. The dust can be spread to other insects in the nest since it clings to their bodies. It is then transmitted to other colony members, which will die over time as the silicon removes their protective layering.

Where to Use CimeXa Insecticide

Because the dust is odorless and doesn't stain, it can be used indoors to target pest infestations. It's safe to use and can be applied in areas where the insects travel, such as behind furniture and around appliances. It can be used in pantries to target roaches and other pests. It's also effective for bed bug control as it not only kills the adults but also the nymphs that emerge from dust-covered eggs. Use CimeXa Insecticide Dust in office buildings, schools, hotels and other areas to kill current infestations.

Target Pests

CimeXa dust targets, kills and controls the most common household pests both indoors and outdoors. It eliminates ants, including Rasberry crazy ants, which infiltrate home appliances and HVAC systems. It knocks out bed bug infestations as well as mites, spiders and fleas. Use it in hotels, restaurants and other interior spaces to kill cockroaches, lice and silverfish. It's safe for use in food-handling areas to target various stored product pests like beetles and moths.

Benefits of CimeXa Dust

Why use CimeXa Insecticide Dust to get rid of pests at home and in businesses? It's formulated for use in residential and commercial interiors, doesn't cause stains on surfaces, and won't leave behind a lingering odor. It targets the most common insect pests and eliminates entire ant and roach colonies in no time. The dust can be applied in crawl spaces and outdoor areas to control the insects where they use cracks and crevices as entry points into the building. Other benefits include:

  • Contains a high percentage of silicon dioxide
  • Has a slow mode of action to eliminate the colony
  • Perfect for pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
  • Can be used in food-handling and processing areas
  • Covers 200 square feet in a 4-ounce bottle

Get Better Insect Control With CimeXa Dust

CimeXa dust is easy to apply with a handheld bellow, bulb or bottle duster. It can also be mixed with water and applied as a spray for greater coverage in the target areas. It kills the most invasive pests, such as roaches and fleas, and is safe to use in recreational areas to prevent infestations.

Manufacturer Rockwell Labs
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Dusts
Active Ingredient Silicon Dioxide as Amorphous Silica
Composition 92.1%,7.9%
Container Size 5 gallon pail/4 oz bottle
Case Amount 12X4 oz bottles/1 pail
Application Amount See label for details.



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