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Houseflies and gnats are nuisance pests and come out of nowhere in homes and businesses. With Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Traps, it's easy to capture the pests and to eliminate an infestation. They can be placed in areas where flies are most active, such as around windows and on patios. They have an attractant that lures the flies and a sticky glue that keeps them trapped for good.

How Catchmaster 962 Fly Traps Work

Catchmaster 962 Gold Stick Fly Traps are designed as a long tube with a highly adhesive surface. They also have a fly pheromone that acts as an attractant and lures the pests to the glue sticks. Once they've landed on the surface, the flies are unable to escape and will eventually die. When the sticks are covered with flies, just grab the traps by the end handles and toss them in the trash bin.

Where to Use 962 Gold Stick Fly Traps

Use these fly glue sticks indoors to keep fly infestations under control. They can be used most anywhere inside homes, offices, kitchens and other interior spaces. Place them horizontally on windowsills to trap the insects as they investigate the area. Hang them near trash bins and other places with high fly activity. The fly traps are also useful for keeping the fly population under control around horses and other animals in barns and stables.

Target Pests

These 962 Gold Stick Fly Traps are made to capture numerous fly species inside homes and even around outdoor patios. The fly pheromone works quickly to attract the pests to the glue sticks, which trap the flies at the moment of contact. They're the ideal fly traps for fungus gnats, fruit flies, houseflies and similar flying pests that invade homes, businesses and other interior areas. They may also trap some crawling insects that come into contact with the glue, such as ants and silverfish.

Advantages of Catchmaster 962 Traps

Fly infestations can get out of control in no time as these pests continuously breed throughout the year. When setting up the traps, make sure to put them in areas where there's high activity or could be in the future. Putting them on windowsills near kitchen sinks can help trap gnats that infiltrate the drains. Some other reasons to use 962 fly traps include:

  • Contains a fly pheromone to attract numerous species
  • Has a very sticky glue to keep the flies in place
  • Can be set on surfaces or hung in areas with high activity
  • Easy to use and handle out of the box

Stop Fly Infestations With Catchmaster 962

Fungus gnats and other flying pests make life miserable for people in their homes, offices and other spaces. With Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Traps, it doesn't take long to eliminate an infestation. The pheromone attracts the flies in the room while the glue keeps them trapped to the sticks. They can be placed most anywhere in garages or offices to keep the fly population under control.


Manufacturer Paragon
Primary Pest Flies
Utility  Glue Trap
Container Size 1 each
Case Amount 24 per case
Application Amount See label for details.


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