Catchmaster Glue Boards for Various Insect Light Traps (907)


Size: 12 per Carton
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Due to some supply issues with the paper, future runs are being forced on different colored paper. The quality of the glue board has not been compromised, but it might have a different color than the picture attached here.

When it's time to replace the glue boards in an electric fly trap, switch them out with Catchmaster 907 replacement fly glue boards. These glue boards fit various Vector brand fly lights and are perfect at capturing the pests on contact. The grid design makes it easy to count the flies and to determine the severity of an infestation in the target areas.

How Catchmaster 907 Glue Boards Work

Each Catchmaster 907 replacement glue board has a matte finish and a striking grid design to make the surface more attractive for flies to land on. Thanks to the grid design, it's easy to keep count of the captured flies and to determine just how bad an infestation really is. The boards also have a special coating to protect them from moisture and UV damage when used in outdoor spaces.

Where to Use 907 Fly Glue Boards

Use these effective replacement glue boards in Vector fly lights and other labeled fly traps. The lights are the ideal fly control products for eliminating infestations in areas where pesticides are discouraged, such as in restaurants and retail shops. The glue on these boards is very adhesive and traps the flies on contact. The insects prefer to land on the dark areas, which are separated by a white grid. Therefore, it's easy to count the individual flies when monitoring their activity in the area.

Target Pests

The 907 replacement glue boards are designed to work with labeled fly lights and to trap various fly species. They work well at capturing fungus gnats, fruit flies, houseflies and other species indoors and outdoors. They may also inadvertently capture nontarget insects in the same area, such as wasps and ants. The glue works on contact and prevents the insects from escaping. Though the boards may capture other insects, they're specially designed to capture flies.

Benefits of Catchmaster Fly Glue Boards

Pesticides may offer more control over flies and other pests in and around homes and businesses. However, they're not always recommended or wanted based on where they're sprayed. These fly glue boards don't contain any toxic chemicals, so they can be used anywhere to keep flies away from people, food and trash bins. They're made especially for Vector brand fly lights and can be used to capture flies around homes and businesses. Other benefits include:

  • Safe to use around people and pets
  • Has a perforated line to split the board into two
  • Large surface area to capture more flies
  • Can trap flies, mosquitoes and other flying pests

Catchmaster 907 Replacement Glue Boards

Catchmaster 907 replacement fly glue boards are the ideal choice for fly control, especially in retail and food service areas. They don't contain any toxic insecticides to kill the pests, only a really adhesive glue. They're not only effective at capturing the flies but also providing a way to count them thanks to their white grid design. They resist UV and water damage, keeping the glue working for a very long time between replacements.


Manufacturer Paragon
Primary Pest Flying Insects
Utility  Sticky Traps
Container Size 12 per carton
Case Amount 12x12
Application Amount See label for details.



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