Catchmaster Rat Size Glue Trap (48RNHP)


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When toxic baits and gels are prohibited, use Catchmaster 48R rat trap glue boards to capture the rodents. These glue boards don't contain any toxic chemicals, so they're safe to use in residential interiors. They should be placed in areas where children and pets can't reach them, but vegetable oil will dissolve the glue if necessary. They work quickly to lure the rats and can be used outdoors in covered areas.

How Catchmaster 48R Glue Boards Work

Catchmaster rat glue boards may not contain baits, but they are scented to lure the rodents to the trap. The highly adhesive glue captures the rats on contact and keeps them from escaping. Each pack of two glue boards comes with Hercules Putty, which can be applied to the boards and keeps them from being moved even when a large rat is trying to escape.

Where to Use 48R Rat Trap Glue Boards

Use Catchmaster 48R rat glue boards indoors to capture rats and other rodents and insect pests. They're big enough to trap Norway and roof rats but also smaller mice, voles and other rodents. The traps are also effective at capturing various insects, snakes and lizards in the target area. Use them in homes out of the reach of children and in businesses where rat activity has been seen. Place them along baseboards, in corners, under furniture and inside crawl spaces to target the pests where they live, breed and travel.

Target Pests

Catchmaster rat glue boards are the ideal choice for trapping rats, mice and other rodents, as well as reptiles and insects both indoors and outdoors. If they're used outdoors, make sure to set them under cover to protect the glue from the elements. Although they're scented, they're not baited. They work best when adding crumbs and other food items to the boards. The scent and food will lure the target pests out of hiding while the glue will keep them from escaping.

Advantages of Catchmaster 48R Rat Boards

Pest control professionals and homeowners are always on the lookout for alternatives to chemical pesticides like baits and gels. These traps are environmentally friendly since there are no toxic chemicals in the glue. The food-scent attractant works perfectly to lure the pests from their sheltered areas, and the glue works immediately upon contact. Other advantages include:

  • Comes with two glue boards per pack
  • Stays in place with the included Hercules Putty
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors when set up as directed
  • Captures rats, mice, insects, snakes and other pests

48R Glue Catches Mice and Rats Without Poison

When it's time to trap rats and mice without poisons, try Catchmaster 48R rat glue boards. These traps have a highly adhesive surface to keep the rodents and other pests stuck in place. The included putty keeps the traps stuck to the target area even when large rodents try to scurry away. They provide long-lasting rat control and can be used outdoors around areas like covered sheds and trash containers.

Manufacturer Paragon
Primary Pest Rodents
Utility  Sticky Trap
Container Size 2x1 pack
Case Amount 24x(1x2)
Application Amount See label for details.


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