Catchmaster Insect Trap & Monitor (288i)


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*Please note traps could be on brown or white paper.*

Insects and spiders can infest an interior space in no time if they're not dealt with quickly. All it takes is setting up Catchmaster 288i Insect and Spider Traps in the area to monitor and to eliminate an infestation. The traps come in handy when toxic granules and gel baits can't be used. Just set the traps in the target area, and keep monitoring and trapping the pests for months.

How Catchmaster 288i Traps Work

Catchmaster 288i traps work wonders at capturing flies and other insects in homes and businesses. They come with food-grade molasses that covers the entire surface of the boards. The scent lures the insects to the board, where they become trapped with no possible way to escape. The boards make it easy to monitor and to identify pest infestations, as well as the overall severity of the population.

Where to Use 288i Insect Traps

Catchmaster 288i Insect and Spider Traps can be used indoors to detect, to monitor and to capture various insect pests. Use them in homes to keep an eye on infestations, and set them up in offices and other businesses to trap stubborn insects. They're perfect for warehouses and other industrial buildings where insects pester the workers. Each trap has an adhesive backing, making it simple to place it on a wall or to keep it stuck to a horizontal surface. The adhesive lasts for a year under the right conditions, so it's possible to monitor infestations for quite a while in the same area.

Target Pests

These traps are made to capture a variety of insect pests in the target area. Use them to lure crawling and flying pests such as fruit flies, gnats and houseflies. They will also capture ants in the cabinets and roaches beneath the sink. Place these traps on the floor behind furniture to capture pests where they travel. Since they can be placed on walls, they're ideal for capturing pests like silverfish, spiders and more.

Advantages of Catchmaster 288i Traps

Glue traps are an effective alternative to baits and sprays. They're nontoxic and can be placed indoors to capture insects and spiders. The traps are made of disposable cardboard, so they're environmentally friendly. The traps can be a beneficial part of an organic integrated pest management (IPM) program for monitoring and trapping nuisance insects and spiders. Some other benefits of these glue traps include:

  • For use in homes and businesses
  • Contains food-grade molasses
  • Traps brown recluses and other spiders
  • Makes it easy to monitor pest activity
  • Can be easily discarded once full

Lure Insects and Spiders With Catchmaster 288i Traps

Once these Catchmaster 288i Insect and Spider Traps have been placed in the area, it doesn't take long for them to lure the pests out of hiding. The clear window makes it easy to see inside and to monitor the trapped pests. The traps have a convenient adhesive backing to make placing them on walls or on floors simple and easy. They stay in place for up to a year and continue to capture insects until they're full.

Manufacturer Paragon
Container Size 72 per carton
Case Amount 4x(1x72 carton)
Application Amount See label for details.


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