Catchmaster Giant Rat Size Glue Boards (24GRB)


Size: Case (24 per case)
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Catchmaster Giant Rat Boards are the perfect rat control solution in areas where it's not possible to use poison or snap traps. These glue boards are big enough to capture the largest rats and to keep them stuck in place for good. They have an attractive scent that lures the rats out of hiding, making them the ideal traps for areas like garages, attics and crawl spaces.

How Catchmaster Giant Rat Glue Boards Work

Each rat glue board contains a peanut butter-scented glue that covers most of the surface area. When rats catch the scent, they travel to the board and get trapped once they come into contact with it. The glue boards can be placed in many different ways to target the rats where they live and travel. Fold them up like a tent, or lay them flat on the ground. They work well for capturing the rodents and eliminating an infestation.

Where to Use Giant Rat Boards

Place Catchmaster Giant Rat Boards in areas of suspected activity or where the rodents have been seen. They're perfect for areas like attic spaces where the pests can hide behind boxes and clutter. Set them up along baseboards and in the corners of rooms to capture the rats as they travel. They're ideal for use in homes, businesses and industrial buildings like warehouses and pole barns. It's important to keep them out of reach of children and pets, though vegetable oil dissolves the glue if necessary.

Target Pests

Although they're called Giant Rat Boards, these glue boards capture more than large rats. They're also good at luring and capturing mice, voles and other rodents. Because they have a glue surface, they will also trap various insect pests in the target area. Place them in outdoor areas to capture snakes around homes, garages and wood stacks. They're also perfect for lizard control in gardens and ornamental plantscapes.

Why Use Glue Boards for Rat Control?

Businesses don't always want to use rat poison in areas with a lot of foot traffic. Homeowners also think this way and don't want to use snap traps either in case their children or pets can find them. Glue boards are the perfect medium and capture the rodents without the need for poison bait or dangerous snap traps. Some other reasons to use Catchmaster Giant Rat Boards include:

  • Attractive peanut butter scent
  • Perfect for areas where the rats travel
  • Can be folded or laid flat
  • Captures mice, snakes and insects
  • For use in homes and businesses
  • Comes with 24 boards per case

Catchmaster Giant Rat Glue Boards Work Wonders

When it's impossible to use poison or snap traps, Catchmaster Giant Rat Glue Boards provide an effective way to capture rats, mice and other rodents. They also trap invasive insects, snakes and reptiles, keeping the area clear of pests. The glue smells just like peanut butter and lures the rodents out of their hiding spots. Once they contact the glue boards, they're unable to escape and can be discarded easily without ever having to touch the pests.

Manufacturer Paragon
Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Glue Board
Container Size 24 per case
Case Amount 24 per case
Application Amount See label for details.



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