Catchmaster Insect Trap & Monitor (100i)


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Stop pest infestations indoors quickly with Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitors. It doesn't take long for the 100i monitors to work once they're placed in the target area. They have an attractive scent to lure the insects inside. Once they've entered the monitor, they're trapped for good. It's easy to monitor the insects thanks to the clear screen, and they stay in place for months with a convenient adhesive backing.

How Catchmaster 100i Monitors Work

The glue boards are layered with food-grade molasses and have a vanilla-like scent, luring insects and trapping them in the monitors. The glue keeps them in place with no chance of escaping. They're smaller in size compared to 288i monitors but are ideal for trapping roaches, ants and other small insects. Because of the adhesive backing, they can be placed vertically, horizontally and even upside down to trap insects almost anywhere.

Where to Use 100i Insect Monitors

Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitors should be placed indoors to capture the insects and to monitor their activity. They can be placed behind and beneath furniture and appliances, inside wall voids and other places where the insects travel and shelter. Place them a few feet apart along baseboards and around sink pipes beneath the cabinets. They're made of disposable cardboard, so just toss them out once they're full and no longer of use. They not only trap insects but make it easy to determine the species and the severity of an infestation.

Target Pests

Every 100i monitor is made to lure and to trap insect pests, including smaller arachnids, in homes and businesses. They will also capture various pantry pests such as flour moths and granary weevils. Use them in industrial areas like warehouses to monitor and trap roaches, ants, flies and other insects. While they're too small to capture big spiders, they will keep brown recluse populations under control in homes and other interior spaces.

Advantages of Catchmaster 100i

Some monitors use a peanut butter scent to lure pests to the glue, which may not always be pleasant to people in the room. Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitors use molasses in the glue and smell similar to vanilla when in use. The glue boards are very effective at luring a variety of pest species and immediately trap the insects in place once they've entered the monitors. Some of the top benefits of 100i monitors include:

  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Target a variety of insect pests and smaller spiders
  • Perfect for monitoring the type and the severity of infestations
  • Can be used in homes, businesses and industrial areas
  • Comes with 100 monitors per case

Monitor Pest Infestations With Catchmaster 100i

It doesn't take long for Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitors to do their job once they're in place. The glue inside the monitors keeps the insects stuck and unable to escape, and the clear screen makes it easy to monitor the activity. The monitors are small and can be kept hidden out of the way to trap insects behind furniture, in corners and inside cabinets.

Manufacturer Paragon
Utility  Traps
Container Size 100 per case
Application Amount See label for details.


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