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Size: 48 replacement boards per carton
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Although Catchmaster glue boards are effective for far longer than the competition's, they will need to be replaced once they're full. These replacement boards are for use in the Catchmaster Ovi-Catch Ago Mosquito Trap. They're the same glue boards that come standard with the traps and provide an effective method for monitoring, trapping and controlling mosquito populations in the target area.

How Catchmaster Ovi Glue Boards Work

Female mosquitoes breed about three cycles in their lifetime, producing anywhere between 300 and 600 eggs. That's a lot of mosquitoes that will eventually attack people and pets in the area. Catchmaster Ovi-Catch glue boards are designed to capture the mosquitoes during their breeding cycles. The strong adhesive glue catches the mosquitoes when they land and prevents them from growing out of control.

Where to Use Ovi-Catch Glue Boards

Because they have a moisture-resistant substrate, these glue boards can be used outdoors in the worst elements. Place the boards in the traps, and set them in areas of high mosquito activity. They trap the mosquitoes using a strong adhesive, not a toxic chemical. The traps are safe to use around people and pets and will reduce the mosquito population within days of use. They come in a black color with 48 boards per box and fit perfectly in the trap.

Target Pests

These mosquito glue boards are designed for only one thing: to catch mosquitoes. Though they can also capture other flying insects, they're made for the Catchmaster Ovi-Catch Ago Mosquito Trap. They can be set up around residential areas to keep people and pets safe from mosquitoes that carry diseases such as the Zika virus and West Nile. Once the boards are full of trapped mosquitoes, simply toss the board out and replace it with a new one from the box. With 48 boards per box, there's enough to last an entire mosquito season.

Advantages of Using Replacement Glue Boards

One reason to use replacement mosquito glue boards is to keep the homeowner from having to buy new traps. One box contains 48 glue Ovi-Catch Ago glue boards, which can last an entire season depending on the severity of the infestation. Another reason to use these boards is their effectiveness at capturing mosquitoes that can transmit diseases to people. Some other advantages of these replacement glue boards are:

  • They have a moisture-resistant substrate to withstand the elements.
  • Each board has a highly adhesive glue to trap the mosquitoes for good.
  • They're environmentally safe and have a nontoxic glue for use around children and pets.

Replacement Glue Boards for Catchmaster Ovi-Catch Ago Traps

Mosquitoes transmit various diseases to people through bites. They can even harm pets and cause heartworms in dogs and cats. With Catchmaster Ovi-Catch Ago mosquito replacement glue boards, it's easy to control the infestation. The glue boards contain a nontoxic but very adhesive glue that traps the mosquitoes on contact. The boards fit inside the Catchmaster Ovi-Catch Ago Mosquito Trap and resist moisture, making them perfect for catching mosquitoes when they're most active after the rain.

Manufacturer Paragon
Container Size 48 replacement boards per carton
Application Amount See label for details.

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