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Welcome to the future of specialty fertilizers: CastAway DG. Tailored for those who demand quality and results, CastAway DG is not just another fertilizer; it's a unique blend of high protein content derived directly from tea seed meal.

How CastAway DG Works

CastAway DG uses cutting-edge Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology to make sure that its granules dissolve quickly with little watering, so they can be quickly mixed into the soil profile. This means nutrients reach the turf roots faster, offering immediate nourishment and promoting healthier growth.

Where to Use CastAway DG

As the fall season approaches, and with it the challenges of rain and dropping temperatures, turf managers need to be a step ahead. CastAway DG's time-sensitive application is formulated to help you do just that. Suitable for all turfgrass species, it's versatile and dependable. Whether you're nurturing a sprawling lawn, a golf course, or a small garden patch, CastAway DG adapts to meet your turf's needs.

Application Details

To achieve optimal results, apply to dry turfgrass at a rate of 3-5 lbs/1000 sq ft (130-218 lbs/acre) using a broadcast-style spreader. Depending on the rate of application, consider reapplying every 4-5 weeks (at a low rate) or every 6-8 weeks (at a high rate).

Target Uses

Aimed at addressing the unique requirements of the fall season, CastAway DG is a must-have for ensuring that the turf remains healthy and vibrant. Its blend offers not only nourishment but also resilience against changing weather conditions.

CastAway DG Features and Benefits

  • Rapid Absorption: Thanks to DG Technology, nutrients get to the roots swiftly.
  • Natural Ingredients: Derived from tea seed meal, it brings organic nourishment to your turf.
  • Versatility: It's ideal for all turfgrass species and adaptable to varying conditions.
  • Fall-Ready: Specifically formulated to cater to the unique challenges of the fall season.

CastAway DG: Nourishment Meets Innovation

A fusion of nature's best with modern science, CastAway DG stands out as a holistic solution for your turf. It promises nourishment, resilience, and that lush green hue, making every lawn stand out. Trust CastAway DG to provide the care your turf deserves.

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