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Though insecticides work well for exterminating pest insects, they don't always reach the pests deep in the foliage. With Captiva Prime, the insects are forced out of their sheltered spots so that the insecticide can deliver the maximum results in a pest management program. Captiva isn't an insecticide but a repellent, acting quickly to agitate the insects. It can be used alone or with a tank-mix partner for more effective results.

How Captiva Prime Works

Captiva contains the active ingredient capsicum oleoresin extract, which is derived from peppers. It's combined with garlic and canola oils, as well as additional ingredients, to penetrate the canopy and drive the insects out of their hiding areas. The capsicum doesn't kill the insects but instead excites them and gets them moving from the affected area. When used by itself, Captiva Prime stops the pests from feeding as well as inhibits ovipositioning.

Where to Use Captiva Repellent

Because it contains natural ingredients, Captiva Prime is labeled for use on food and nonfood crops when applied as directed. It has a four-hour re-entry time and a zero-day preharvest interval. It can be applied on most any crop to target a variety of flying and crawling insects that could damage the plants. Use it on bulb and fruiting vegetables, berries and cereal grains to protect against aphids, mealybugs and other pests. It can be applied before and on the same day of harvest.

Target Pests

Captiva Prime is an effective pest repellent and inhibitor. It targets numerous pest insects such as thrips, psyllids and leafhoppers. It provides quality results against caterpillar larvae and whiteflies, as well as borers and plant bugs. Not all repellents work against resistant mites, but Captiva Prime forces spider mites into the line of added pesticides. It can be applied in a foliar spray to repel and to suppress soft-bodied insects, preventing them from feeding.

Why Use Captiva for Pest Control?

It's important to get the most of any insecticide that's used to control pest infestations. If the chemicals aren't able to reach every pest, there's a chance of reinfestations later. Captiva Prime has powerful active ingredients that force the pests into the open so that the chemical insecticides can get them all. Because it's a natural repellent, it can be used multiple times in a growing season. Other reasons to use Captiva Prime include:

  • Safe to use on vegetables, fruits and other food crops
  • Can be used on the same day of harvest
  • Perfect as a tank-mix partner with insecticides
  • Repels and suppresses aphids, thrips and other common pests

Drive Out Pest Insects With Captiva Prime

Captiva Prime is a natural repellent and the ideal choice in any pest management program. It excites and agitates the pest insects, driving them out of their sheltered spots and putting them in direct contact with chemical pesticides. The active ingredient suppresses the pests and keeps them from feeding on the plants. Whether it's aphids or whiteflies, Captiva Prime targets the insects for better pest control action.


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Active Ingredient

Capsicum oleoresin extract, Garlic Oil, Canola Oil


7.6%, 23.4%, 55%

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Application Amount

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